28 July 2009 ~ 1 Comment

The sounds of summer

Summer in Japan means those noisy semi (cicada) are back. It seems for a month or so every tree in Yokohama is infested with these bugs. They unnerve me. I hate bugs.  But most Japanese welcome the sound as a New Yorker  might welcome the music of an ice cream truck or a firecracker’s explosion as the sounds of summer.To me they sound like a car alarm from hell, that cannot be turned off, and kinda follows you wherever you go like a song stuck in your head.

I found a couple of videos about them…check them out


ps: And they fly…fast and blindly so they’re prone to fly into you

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One Response to “The sounds of summer”

  1. Tom 29 July 2009 at 9:27 pm Permalink

    Hate bugs.


    And I thought crickets were bad. Some of us don´t know how good we have it.

    Stay Loco man.


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