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It's the little things #8: Gaijin in the mist

So, the other day it was hotter than Georgia asphalt, and I found myself in Kannai, one of the few places I can find my Black & Mild cigars. I’d ventured a good 10 meters from the station when that first bead of sweat rolled off my bald head and splashed down on my eyelash.

Crossing the street, I noticed a smoky area…naturally I thought it was one of those Designated Smoking Areas that can be found in many busier districts in Tokyo these days.

But, oddly, the smoke wasn’t rising, it was descending which lead to my second thought: Is this another Sarin gas terrorist attack  like back in 1995? But, I didn’t take that one seriously.

As I got closer I could see that the smoke was emanating from nozzles along a large metal structure which looked something like a sound stage. I’ve seen comedians and acrobats performing here before but I’d never noticed the smoke. So, my third thought was that it was some kind of smoke machine like the ones used in Hollywood.





 It didn’t look so kosher to me. I mean, I’m not one for trusting fumes wafting down from pipes in the street. In NY they’re usually noxious. Then I noticed people below the smoke just chilling.

WTF! A slight breeze blew some of this smoke my way and I felt a gentle spray of water land on my skin.

Get the fuck outta here, I thought.

I grew up in the so-called ghetto. To cool off in the summer, you opened a hydrant and at the risk of handicapping the Fire Department’s efforts to control a nearby blaze, you played in the water. Firemen would come by, shut it down or put a sprinkler cap on it which would reduce the flow considerably. A raging river would be reduced to a shower.

And that’s just what this area of Kannai amounts to: an outdoor shower. Cool mist is released from pipes in that metal structure and people stand beneath it and bask in refreshment.

And it felt wonderful…

Unfortunately I don’t have a pic of my own basking, but take my word for it (-;

It’s just one of those little things about Japan…


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14 Responses to “It's the little things #8: Gaijin in the mist”

  1. Jim McDonald 6 September 2009 at 9:26 pm Permalink

    Cool it is Loco. Same thing on the Marunouchi Naka-dori side of the Shin Marunouchi Bldg in Tokyo, although they didn't mist much this summer.
    By the way, here's a bit of “OK Brooklyn!'' for you, third column from left: http://timesmachine.nytimes.com/browser/1909/09/0

  2. Japanese Words 7 October 2009 at 9:32 am Permalink

    These would be great down here in Miyako… Great pics

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