09 October 2009 ~ 11 Comments

President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize!!!!

Slightly off topic, but this is incredible news!

He was the surprise winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize beating out French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The committee cited his work on nuclear disarmament.

Congratulations President Obama, Michelle and family.


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11 Responses to “President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize!!!!”

  1. Tom 10 October 2009 at 9:30 am Permalink

    Go Barack! Go Barack! It´s your birthday!

    That´s some great news, didn`t see it coming

  2. XO 10 October 2009 at 11:06 am Permalink

    Yo, I don't know wher to post trhis, so i will do it here. Sorry for changing the subject (it's great he won). But can you focus some attention on this case American being arrested in Kyushu? I did not see where you mentioned it, and it smacks of all the things thsi blog is against.

  3. MikeinKorea 12 October 2009 at 1:09 am Permalink

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  4. Rune 13 October 2009 at 6:22 am Permalink

    I completely disagree in the Nobel Committees choice. The man has yet to do anything to promote peace. On the contrary, his administration is full of Bush hawk leftovers on the military front and President Obama is sending more troops to occupied Afghanistan. He might talk about peace and being nice to eachother, but so far it has been nothing more than talk. Even if he is sincere in wanting to promote peace, which I believe he is, if he cannot manage to turn intent into action it's all so much hot air. This is too premature and Obama should have declined accepting the prize for just that reason. It would have bought him immense political capital as well had he declined.

    • Locohama 13 October 2009 at 3:02 pm Permalink

      Thanks Rune! Food for thought…

      • T Holms 13 October 2009 at 9:29 pm Permalink

        Heya I've been a reader of your work for a while but never posted before… Like Rune I disagree with him receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and believe it was done for political backing. He was nominated for it not long after he was inaugurated and long before his push for nuclear disarmament came to fruition for goodness sake. Hey don't get me wrong I actually enjoy watching him speak even though im a Conservative Republican and disagree with some of his ideals lol. Besides his public option in Healthcare I actually don't mind him much because he really seems to listen to Republican ideas and is seriously pushing for bipartisan support. I believe that in the end human beings CAN understand eachother and arrive at an agreement. Anyway I'll stop myself now before I jump into a huge political tirade. Keep up the good work and good luck. Peace from Boston, MA!

  5. Locohama 13 October 2009 at 10:06 pm Permalink

    I too think it was a little premature. It could have waited until he ended either the the wars or done something really significant…But, I think the fact that he unseated a true warmonger in Bush and an administration deadset on "keeping war alive" must have been taken under consideration. It was a hell of a task just to get Americans to really look at McCain and Palin and see them for what they really were. Obama helped in that regard. Was that worthy of a Nobel Prize? Who the hell knows? There have been some questionable recipients in the past too. Nonetheless, I congratulate him. Perhaps this award will put more pressure on him to achieve the mandate he laid down during his campaign. I think he is a little too bipartisan, and done forgot who he came to the party with (so to speak)
    Thanks for the shout Holms-san

  6. MikeinKorea 14 October 2009 at 5:27 am Permalink

    If de Klerk can get it I can't see criticizing Obama

  7. T Holms 14 October 2009 at 8:46 am Permalink

    Yeah I feel you on that sentiment man especially in concern with Palin… wow what a witch she turned out to be… You hear how she is writing a memoir and an autobiography now? Even as a Republican I always disliked her. I agree with you with Bush as well I can understand Afghanistan to a degree but Iraq?! /sigh… I do admire that in Obama though even though we share different political ideals he never surrenders which is always commendable. Well if you ever want to talk politics man you can always e-mail me it's nice talking to somebody who actually listens to the news unlike most of us Americans. I'm from a hardcore liberal democrat state so I'm used to people biting my head off in regards to politics and you seem to be a person who can have a civil conversation. Keep up the good work bro

  8. Zach 15 October 2009 at 10:14 pm Permalink

    I'm a big Obama supporter. I probably give him well over $1000 during the course of the election. However, I think the award does him a bit of a disservice by giving it so early in his administration. It just gives the right wingers fodder. On the other hand, I love seeing all the conservative pundits with their head exploding when they think about this. And he did do a huge service to mankind keeping Palin out of DC.

  9. Cedric Domani 20 November 2009 at 8:29 pm Permalink

    All politics aside…being the first black man elected president of the U.S is an exploit in itself. I never tought my great-great-grand children would witness it but I was fortunate to witness it in my lifetime(and I'm only 34). Give black people some credit sometimes….
    What Obama does as a politician is another story. And frankly, he was running against Sarkozy the french midget? c'mon y'all……lmao

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