18 June 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Hot fun in the summer time!

Loco here.

With the deadline for post submissions to the June Japan Blog Matsuri quickly approaching, I just wanted to remind all of my fellow Japan bloggers, readers, followers and friends that it’s not too late, and submissions are still being accepted and most welcomed.

So far we have a handful of excellent posts and a number of promissory notes, but hardly enough to generate a Matsuri atmosphere worthy of the name “Hot fun in the summer time!”

So, do me a favor folks and put this on your short list of things to do this weekend that not only benefit your own blogging endeavors (yes, I’m talking about those precious stats) but you’ll be doing a service for the folks here with heat strokes pending. Think of this as a humanitarian effort. Consider yourselves saviours helping out your fellow man in their time of dire need.

Tomorrow is due to be another muggy 85 degree day…and it isn’t even summer yet!

Help us beat the heat! (-:

Here’s a couple more inspirational tunes…some of my faves!






The deadline is  Wednesday June 23rd.

Thanks in advance for your support!


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