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Live from Locohama, S2/E26: Tanabata Tree

So, I walked into the school today and noticed this big colorful tree with what looked like decorations hanging from it.

Yeah, you probably guessed it, if you live here. if not, well here’s the reason:  tomorrow is known as Tanabata or in English as the Star Festival. there’s a lovely back story which I’ll give you a link to if you want more information.

In schools, the kids write their wishes on slips of paper and tie them to the bamboo tree. looks something like this:

It gets pretty cluttered with 600 kids each with a wish and inclined to follow this tradition.

What did you wish for when you were an early teen? Do you remember?

Did you want to be a starter on the basketball team? I sure did.  So did this boy:

Or how about baseball? Did you want to be good enough to go to the “show” someday? I did. And I’m not alone…

I can’t say I lost sleep over not being on the Relay team…and i certainly wouldn’t waste a crucial wish on it. But, I guess there are many future Forest Gumps / Jackie Joyner Kerseys out there.

I do however remember wishing for a certain tormentor to fucking die, and die hard! Guess somethings are timeless and border-less. This girl used her Tanabata wish for the bullying to cease! Kinda sad and beautiful at the same time isn’t it? Just like the Blues!

And some kids, like this girl, just want to have fun!

…or just be happy.

All this wishing got loco to thinking: “can this possibly work?” What did i have to lose? Nothing.

Bet you can’t guess what Loco wished for…that is, besides a diet where I can eat and drink whatever the hell I want and still lose weight. I’ll give you a hint: it ain’t to be Japanese 😉


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