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Bottom 5 chotto chigau things in Japan

This is my submission for the July 2010 Japan Blog Matsuri hosted by my buddy Moku-chan over at Daigakudeki.

Thanks for hosting and good luck!

The theme this month was things in Japan that I find to be (chotto chigau) a little different.


Everybody always makes Top 10 list but my list will be chotto chigau (get it? Chotto chigau…)

Number 1 is hanging clothes on a line/rack to dry.


I never hung my clothes out to dry back in NY and it seemed the only people who did were people too poor to own a dryer or too lazy to go to the laundromat. Here, in japan, it seems dryers have been outlawed and everyone hangs their clothes out to dry. Walk through the Projects or through an area with a lot of Mansions (apartment buildings) and even through an area with a lot of well-to do private homes, and you’re sure to see clothes just swinging in the breeze.

Number 2: Coffee in a can from a vending machine


I love coffee. Back home, basically you can get a cheap cup of coffee at any bodega anytime of day or night. The same in Japan only you don’t need a store. Machines that sell delicious coffee (for not-so-cheap prices) are everywhere.

Number 3 is women-only cars on the trains.


A chikan (perv) on the Subway in New York would probably have much less fun than on the trains here in Japan. Women have several solutions to deal with pervs and between getting kicked in the shin and hosed down with pepper spray and what not, he’d probably retire.  Japan has a different, simpler solution…and maybe a little more than chotto chigau: they separate the sexes. What’s next: Japanese only cars? Hmm…

Number 4: I like J-porn. (There, I’ve said it lol) But it all has this Mosaic crap all over the juicy parts.

Looks a little something like this. And, considering the amount of decadence that can be seen just about anywhere you go in Japan, I can’t understand why they keep this nonsense up. But, Japan Probe can: Check out this post . It explains it all, and then some!

And, finally, the number 5 thing that’s chotto chigau is the ubiquitous use of Parasols on sunny days


To me, a parasol was one of those things white antebellum southern belles used to keep their skin white and fair in the hot sun on some cotton plantation in Georgia. Well, the Japanese also do the parasol thing though I have no idea why. maybe the same reason. Maybe to block the aging effect of ultraviolet rays…Maybe it’s a throwback to geisha or something…who knows? Anyway, they’re everywhere all summer.

Well that’s about it for my bottom list. Hope you enjoyed them.  Thanks again, Moku-chan, for hosting the July Japan Blog Matsuri.


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