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Women on Asia: 5 blogs I really dig!

Most of the blogs I read on Asia are from the male perspective, I ‘ve found, but some of my favorite blogs on Asia are hosted by women.

I mean,  they REALLY got it going on!

Check them out for yourself.

#1: A Reason to Write

This blog is mostly about my family’s unexpected journey to India. I hope to explore all aspects of our adventure. (And surely, I will cover some things that have absolutely nothing to do with India.) My family is me, my hubby (Mr. W), Bear (boy 13), Flower (girl 11), and Angel (girl  8 and a half). These aren’t their real names – but my husband thinks the young and defenseless should be protected from the rantings of their mother until such time that they get accepted into college. Or hopefully at least until they sneak their own Facebook page and embarrass themselves quite nicely all on their own. Taken from A reason 2 write’s profile.

What can I say about reason2? We started out on our blogging ventures around the same time, so I feel like we’ve grown up together. And, we’ve kept an eye on one another’s progress. Part of my motivation for keeping it going comes from following her blog. She’s an incredible storyteller with a voice you fall in love with. Read one post and you’ll find yourself hooked, and going through her entire archives before you know it. You’ll feel like you’re being shown in and around India by the most down to earth tour guide who, though she’s as clueless as yourself as to what’s really going on in this mysterious country, she invites the reader to share the magic (and hardships) of discovery in an ultra-vicarious way. Check it out!

#2- Muza-Chan’s Gate to Japan:

Muza-chan`s Gate to Japan is about Japanese culture, sightseeing and much more. It was launched in November 2007, as a travel journal in Japan, written in Romanian, and the first article was Shibuya. The site became bilingual (English – Romanian) in March 2009, with the Hina Matsuri Menu. The site includes now a Japan photo gallery, daily photos, facts and trivia about Japan, J-Music and various essays. Taken for Miza-Chan’s profile.

I’ve been following Muza-Chan since last year and she has never disappointed. Her photos are exquisite and she’s, bar none, the most consistent blogger I know. You can be sure to find new and interesting photos and stories on her blog daily, sometimes even several times over the course of the day. And, she just happens to be incredibly charming (her character really comes through in her writing) and extremely generous when it comes to supporting other bloggers and photographers on the web. Nothing but love for you, Lili.


#3- Green-Eyed Geisha:

Japan like you’ve never seen it before from the skewed perspective of a foreign (at least to some people) twenty-something living with her Japanese beau in Tokyo. I call Canada my home country despite a slew of passports in my bottom drawer. I work at the Kaisha, a big Japanese company that more often than not feels like the twilight zone. Or should I say, the twiright zone?! Welcome to my world. Taken from Green-Eyed Geisha’s Profile.

I’ve been reading Green Eyes’ blog for over a year, now. And she constantly brings the ill, brings the real,  and keeps it funny yet cynical. And she has a wonderful talent for weaving a story. I especially love the way she dissects the Tokyo Subway Manner Ad saga, giving all the regular characters hilarious pet names. Regardless of post length, once you get in you won’t get off…I actually envy her as much as I enjoy her. On her banner it reads “Me talk pretty one day” a homage to David Sedaris, one of the greatest comedy essay writers of our time, no doubt. But, Green Eyes, your wait is over cuz you talk pretty already (-:  Check her out! You’ll see.


#4- Workaholic Hostess:

I’m half Japanese, half American. I’ll be going to graduate school later this year, and I can’t WAIT. My school’s in Osaka so I’ll be leaving Tokyo. Which makes me so sad, I love this city. I work at an international hostess* club. It’s much nicer than other places I’ve worked at, but not as nice as other places I’d like to work at.I’m also freelancing a crap load of translation work. And I have a part time office job. Which is currently killing me. Peace. Taken from Workaholic’s profile.

I’ve also been reading the Workaholic’s blog for quite some time and I think she’s just the shit. So, authentic, smart, and beautiful too. Her motto is: you’re as sick as your secrets. The first time I visited her site and I saw that motto hovering at the top of her homepage, I just knew I was gonna dig her. And I was right. She blogs about every day struggles for a hostess in Japan with varied interest and a full life. Totally de-mystifies a lifestyle and makes it totally accessible. Thank you Workaholic for sharing your life with us! It’s been a a helluva ride!

And, last but certainly not least:

#5- Superfantabulous:

I’m sparkling! Taken from Superfantabulous’ profile. Couldn’ have said it better myself.

Simple, direct, hilarious tales from the “roundhead nation.” (That would be Korea in this instance) That’s what you get when you visit this lady’s blog. In heaping, delicious bowlfuls. One of those blogs where you visit for the first time and you’ll be asking yourself: “Now HOW did I miss this!?

Here’s a taste:

“It all began a few days ago when Mr. AwesomeCool and I arrived home from work, tired and sweaty. I also really had to pee. My pee plans were soon to be completely dashed. Upon walking in the door, my progeny had a series of announcements to deliver:

Little Awesome: Don’t go in the bathroom, the toilet’s clogged and filled with dung.

Me: What?!!!!

Mini Fantabulous: The toilet over-flowed this morning.

Little Aweseome: She went dung and it overflowed, then I went dung and it overflowed again.

Mini Fantabulous: So you probably shouldn’t go in there. It smells horrible.”

Gotta love her!

Check them all out and let me know what you think!

More recommendations to follow… 


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