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Don’t talk about Fight Club!

I’m reading “Fight Club” now, Chuck Palahniuk’s satirical debut novel on which the film was based.

The book is dangerous…especially when read in my present state of mind. 

Words and images conspire to taint your thinking in a most satisfying way. Little rebellious thoughts pop into the head at the most convenient times….at those times when, usually, nothing or strictly reactive thoughts would appear leaving you, after the moment has passed, wishing you had done something differently, had done what Tyler Durden would have done. But, as you read, and live, the thoughts you wished you’d had at those times, you find yourself having when those moments arrive now.

The book is a challenge.

It taps you on the shoulder and says, “hey, beg your pardon, but someone just spit on you! That ain’t rain on your face, you know. That’s saliva! Now, what are we gonna do about that?” It pities your pathetic attempts to convince yourself the spitter had made a mistake. It commiserates with your fear of retaliation, of outright rebellion. It sympathizes with your efforts to remain “moral” and a subscriber to the current zeitgeist. It empathizes with your fear of life and death.

It does all of this as it mocks you.

It, this book, understands you…as well as you understand you.

Sometimes more.

Loving it!


PS: Of course it’s better than the movie

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