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Conversation 9/14/10: Nihonjin ni nari tsu tsu aru ne (日本人になりつつあるね)

This conversation took place this morning, a few minutes ago. I walked in the door at 8:15am

Akiyama: Good Morning Loco sensei!

Me: Mornin’

Akiyama: Are you ok? How’s your tooth?

(I had a tooth extraction on Friday. A molar. I have been a mess of drugs and pain since)

Me: (Moan)

Akiyama: Does it still hurt?

Me: (Grunt)

Akiyama: Kawaisou (sorry to hear that)

Me: I almost stayed home…but I thought about you being without any help today and…

Akiyama: You thought about me???

Me: Of  course…

Akiyama: Really??? You are a wonderful person, Loco-san.

Me: Funny thing…I would have never considered my co-workers before I came to Japan. If I didn’t feel well, I’d just stay home.

Akiyama: (Laughter! Everyone in the office turns to look. She explains the situation in brief to onlookers.)

Various people: やさしいんだねYasashiin dane (What a kind person) 日本人みたい Nihonjin mitai (Seems like a Japnese)

Akiyama: 日本人になりつつあるねNihonjin ni nari tsu tsu aru ne

Me: Ee? What did you say?

Akiyama: It means you are becoming like a Japanese.

Me: (laugh) If you knew what I’ve been writing about lately you wouldn’t think so.


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