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First Comments

These are  my first comments from my first post back in 2008 (it was called “The Empty Seat“) .

With the 2nd anniversary of Loco in Yokohama looming I’ve been thinking a lot about where it came from, where it is and where I want to go with it, if anywhere.

When I transferred from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, and started using Disqus for comments, some of my old comments didn’t make the trip. I was able to salvage these from the wordpress.com files.

The most recent of these is the first and the last comment was actually the first comment I’ve ever gotten on this blog… from my man Jusuo, who still chimes in from time to time, as does several of the others, like Zen. Thanks for the love Zen .


Thanks Herve (-; I will indeed keep it on



Hi, I’ve just discovered this blog, this is brilliant Cheers and keep it on


Low Frost, good looking out! And thanks for hollering! I’m actually heading home this week for a spell to drop my ballot for the man the RNC loves to hate. So, a nuch overdue NY fix is pending. I can’t wait to get me some of Moms cooking. It’s been a minute. A loong ass minute. Holler anytime.


Low Frost

Awesome, another website about brothers in Japan. Represent, Loco, and know that back in the states, we’re rooting for you.


Arigatou! Ganbarimasu


Omoshirui, ganbatte ne!



Thanks Clive! I’ll do my best(-;


Hey Locohama,

I’m another referral from Japundit.
This blog is great, and terrific writing. Keep it up man.



Thanks Sputnik! I hope so too. Come back and check me out again. I’ll be updating regularly. Japan always gives me something to talk about.



Saw this on japundit.com, I hope it attracts some more readers for you!


Thanks Jusuo, it’s nice to know I have an audience. I hope you’re right too (-: I was starting to think I was alone out her in cyberspace. Tell a friend why don’t ya. (-;


man, i can’t believe this has no hits? this blog is brilliant and i thank god that i found it while it was still fresh.

you’re going to be big. and i hope i’m right.

keep at em locohama! you got props from me!


PS: Mrs. Betty is now on Facebook and Twitter

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