21 September 2010 ~ 6 Comments

500 Tweeps and counting…Thanks!


Yep, I’m at 500 followers on Twitter, and I haven’t bought a single follower…yet. (-:

I don’t even auto-follow anyone who follows me.

I don’t know what that says about me or about Loco in Yokohama, if anything, but I wanted to pause and thank all my followers for…well…following Loco. And to re-itterate that I’m all about making your efforts to spread the word about Loco worthwhile and building Loco in Yokohama into the kind of blog that would make you feel something is wrong with the world when blogs like this one stay relatively obscure while www. ______________.com (you fill in the blank)  has reached the upper echelons with 100s of thousands of twitter followers (somehow).

Just joking…kinda.

Anyway, thanks for our support thus far and I’ll do my best to retain and continue to earn it.


PS: Mrs. Betty is also on Facebook and Twitter

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