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Live from Locohama, S2/E35: Catch the dream!

With the population decline, the well of kids to draw from has declined as well. So, High Schools have amped up their recruitment  a bit. Enrollment meaning funds and profits, of course.

I noticed this year that the walls outside the third-year classes are literally littered with advertisements from every High School, public and private, in the area, it seems.

Some of them are really interesting.

Have a look-see:

I like this one because of that thingamajig on their lapels…And talk about uniformity. The girl’s uniform is almost exactly the same as the boys…down to the tie. That’s gotta have appeal!

And what, pray tell, is going on here? Ah, I got it. “Think for you” must mean “Think for yourself” and the message in the photo is you can be your own person! I like that! Or maybe I’m reading too much into it…Anyone got another interpretation?

In this ad I think they’ve got all the various character types you run into in a Japanese Junior High School. “We got you covered!” would be a good slogan (-:

Anyone dreaming of flowers, chickens, ducks and cows? I know I used to when I was a Junior High School student. Of course the chicken was fried, the cows were BBQ, the ducks were black and Daffy, and the flowers… Actually, I never dreamt of flowers. (-:

Hey, laughing boy!


I bet they’ve won a few titles!

Lovely artwork. “Our school is like your fondest dreams come true.” I should write slogans for these guys!

“Happy, happy, happy! Even the teachers are happy!” Just ignore that dilapidated building in the background.

Notice the perfect English in the statement. Nice touch! Of course their specialty is English, but impressive nonetheless!

My personal favorite! Not even sure why. Can someone tell me why I like this one? It’s torturing me.

My kids will be starting high school entry exam season soon. Ganbatte kids, and I hope y’all can catch your dreams!


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PPS: Special Request for the A.D.D. posse (-:

Don’t ever say Loco ain’t looking out for y’all.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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