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Go Loco, Go Loco, it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday!

Loco in Yokohama is turning two on Friday!

Listen to this- one of Loco’s faves- while you read:

Two years! Wow, right?

It just hit me the other day…

I was reading a story about Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to power (and his plummet from favor.)  It reminded me of my first blog, Ain’t no stopping us now (which I started in order to use what little writing juice I had to support Obama) and the many (I think) wonderful post I’d written before Loco in Yokohama was even a glimmer in my eye. Some I am particularly proud of like a piece I wrote about McCain and his effort to divide and conquer and another I did on fear and politics. If you have a chance check them out.

I started finding my groove as the 2008 election approached. Watching Obama change the world really inspired me. And that’s about the time I got knocked up, so to speak. And two years ago from tomorrow, I gave birth to my baby, Loco in Yokohama.

I started off by posting a few pieces I’d already written years earlier when I was blog-free…you know, just to test the waters. They were “The Empty Seat” and “The J-Factor” and “Sou desu yo ne“.

They went over pretty well (lost a lot of the comments when I made the transition from free to self-hosted blog though) but I still didn’t know where I wanted to go with Loco in Yokohama.

Then I had a eureka moment (my first of many as far as Loco is concerned) and came up with “10 ways NOT to go Loco in Yokohama“, my first series.

That was the official beginning of my days of being recognized as a “Japan Blogger”. “Ready or not, here’s Loco!” I wanted that series to announce, and I think it successfully did that. So much so that over the course of the past two years I would do a number of series of varying lengths, some more successful than others.

My faves (in case you’re wondering) are: Are you African? (on African versus African American identity, as well as African-Japanese identity), Black & White in Japan (on living with an Austrailian and a New Zealander for two years), Home Alterations (on trying to adjust to life in NY after living here 4 years), as well as my Acts of Retaliation (appeasing myself by acting out or making up ridiculous but distracting mental games), and Anti-Acts of Retaliation (trying to retain my humanity by fighting  Chikan /Japanese perverts off of the private parts of passive school girls, all while being iwakan’d” by the other passengers on the train) series.

Yep, it’s been quite a ride!

When I look through what I have tackled in this blog, I have to just take a pause and thank the Creator for providing me with the drive to keep this thing going despite the challenges. I mean it has taken so much out of me, but it has given me so much in return. It’s given me confidence, optimism, pleasure, distraction from nonsense, something constructive to do with my mind and energy, and it’s introduced me to and help me to build relationships with some really great people.

You guys just don’t know ( well except for my friends of many years).

I’ve wanted to be prolific for a lonnnnnng time. I’ve wanted to see what I was made of, if I had what it takes to be a serious writer.

And now, thanks to you, Loco, I KNOW!

I remember when I first set out. There were a number of people that advised me I had better shorten my posts. That long posts scare away visitors. And I’m sure that’s true. My traffic is not much to talk about. Nevertheless, my posts average 1000+ words while the average blog is a few hundred at most. Yep, I just said fuck it and wrote as much as I needed to complete it. As far as I was concerned, this blog was as much for me as it was for any reader. It was my place to find out if I had the chops, if I could really write seriously and consistently. And, I am way more concerned with quality than with length.

I think the quality has been pretty high.

What do y’all think?

(If you agree, why not go buy your boy Loco a beer-via the Paypal link on your right? Or maybe one of them LUKE dancers down below…lol…)

I mean, a writer isn’t much without readers. So, thanks a bunch you loyalist out there, and even you sometimers. It’s all good!

And, thank you especially, Loco. I’d still be stuck in the mud without you! You have truly been a blessing!

Congratulations yo!

I know, I know, Loco is me and I am Loco, but writing under a pen name for as long as I have now, it kind of feels like I’ve given Loco a life of his own.

You know what I mean?

I mean, imagine how Langston Hughes felt writing all those stories with “Jesse B. Simple” as his “hero”. Or, Raymond Chandler with his “Philip Marlowe.” Though these were fictional characters (and by no means do I place my writing on a level with theirs) Hughes and Chandler still had to breathe their essence into a brand, as I felt I’ve done with the Loco brand.

So…Happy Birthday, Loco


I love you, and I’m so proud of you. Thanks for everything!

PS: Big shout out to the folks, management and members, at Japundit and Japansoc

Without you guys, Loco would’ve been short lived for sure!

PPS: If you ask us why we did it…we did it for love!

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  1. Esma 25 January 2011 at 10:38 pm Permalink

    I've been hooked onto this site since I found it. You can write well enough to maintain my attention span. I've read most of the I'm Racist series, and moving on to other stuff you've written. The depth, the honesty, the introspection, and the art that makes your posts anything but rants, all of this keeps it interesting.

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