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Live from locohama, S2/E37: ケータイ禁止 Cell phones prohibited!

Due to a rash of cell phone abuses (which amounts to even having one on your person in the school), the faculty (with the use of some artistically minded students) has taken drastic action!


That’s right! They’ve taken to littering the walls with posters re-iterating the rules in sharp language. And if the rather serious mien of Hello Kitty doesn’t scare violators back in line…

Break out the big guns:

That’s right, the Ghost Buster combined with a triangle AND an exclamation point, not to mention that scary looking kanji character which means “prohibited”. I hate that kanji. Fills me with such anxiety(usually because it means I can’t smoke somewhere though…)

Can you feel the tension in that poster? Especially that little hardly happy Anpanman on the screen.  Brrrrrrr…!

(And, oh yeah, gum is prohibited, too!)

But, maybe these teens need a bigger reminder.

Hell, that ought to do it!


PS: Took this picture with my cellphone…two students saw me and said “OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, cellphones are prohibited!”

How do you say, “No Shit, Sherlock,” in Japanese?  (-:


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