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Conversation 11/1/10: She’s a “We”

This conversation took place a few minutes ago here in the office at my job between Akiyama and I.

Akiyama: (looking at my shoe-less feet) Where are your shoes?

Me: I forgot them at the other school )-:

Akiyama: You’re gonna walk around like that all day? It’s strange.

Me: …and dangerous! But, the house slippers are all too small for me.  Damn that was stupid of me to forget them.

Akiyama: Yes, it was. (-:

Me: Thanks. At home, I have a pair of flip flops, but I’ve worn them outside I think. Say, is it really bad if I wear shoes inside the school that I’ve worn outside like once or twice?

Akiyama: What shoes? Those flip flops you’re talking about?

Me: Yeah…bad, huh? How would people feel about that? I mean, if I wore them in the school, what would be the reaction?

Akiyama: I can’t speak for everyone, but I think it’s kinda dirty…

Me: Yeah, but  nobody will know I’ve worn  them outside except…wait a minute. (smile) You’re special.

Akiyama: Huh? I’m special?? How?

Me: Usually, if I asked a question like that, well, most Japanese people will say “We” think it’s kinda dirty, but you said “I”.

Akiyama: Really? You know…(laughs) I think you might be right.

Me:…or they’d say, “Hotondo” (Almost all).

Akiyama: Hmm… You should ask Yoshida-sensei…see how she answers. I bet you she’s a “We”.


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