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What the HELL are Japanese teens thinking about???

Good question!

I can’t speak for all of them, of course. But, I can tell you what my 1st year students (13 and 14 year olds) are thinking about.

Better yet, let me show you:

Well, they’re thinking about racial equality.


And racial unity…

And Human Rights…

They’re thinking about one another’s feelings…


A whole lot!

They’re sick to death of bullying! Won’t be surprised to come to work and find a lynch mob stringing some bully up from a limb of one of those cherry blossom trees in the yard.

They’re thinking about gaining international perspective.

They’re thinking about their elders.

Not sure what the two above are about. Any of you Nihon-go experts wanna help me out? I just like the artwork (-:

I like this one, too. Reminds me of the shrine of the 3 monkeys in Nikko. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

Oh yeah. and they’re thinking about world peace, too.

These pictures (about 50 or so in total) were posted on the wall outside the teacher’s office. I stood there about an hour or so going through each one. They filled me such hope for the future, and I wanted to share them with y’all.

Made me think about this song:


Check them out again and listen to the song as you do. It was playing in my head the whole hour.


Air Tweets

PS: Still going on NaNiWriMo…don’t worry, I’m still on it (-;

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