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What’s up Loco

With the New Year looming, time to break out the new ideas…or dust off old ones and give them a new paint job. In that spirit, today I announce the beginning of a new venture here at Loco in Yokohama. I call it:

What’s up, Loco

I’m not sure how to label it just yet. I don’t want to call it an advice column, but I will give advice if you think I’m qualified. Of course Japan related questions are welcomed. I’m sure some visitors might have questions about life over here, stuff I haven’t covered before but probably know a little something about. I love talking about Japan, the good and bad. But, really, I’m open to anything regardless of subject matter. Just try me! I’m well-versed in many topics, and if not I ain’t too proud to say “what you asking me for? How the hell am I supposed to know what that is? Fuck I look like…a doctor?”Ahem, I mean, I ain’t too proud to say I don’t know.

So, I’m opening my blog to reader queries. Why? First reason is that it gives readers a chance to learn more about me (assuming y’all do) and secondly it helps me to find out more about my readers, what people really want to read about when they come here…which is crucial for me as far as decision making for the future. Thirdly I want to have more fun with this blog and I think this is a good way to stimulate some lively entertaining REAL talk, and you better believe some lively writing, too.

As always I will endeavor to bring the truth, the whole…Well, let’s just say as much truthiness as I can muster.

You can send your questions / comments  to me via email here: loco at locoinyokohama dot com

Or you can tweet them to me here:


You can even leave them on my facebook fan page here:


You can end your query anyway you like, but please begin it with, “What’s up, Loco!”

I want to tell you I’ll be answering them in the order in which I receive them but some questions will require more work to answer than others so all I can say is I WILL answer all questions…even the stupid ones (I don’t care what they say, there are definitely stupid questions!) asap.

So, help your boy Loco make this new venture a success by submitting a question you would like an answer to. And, don’t try and bait me cuz I’ll know (you know who you are!) and I might take the bait anyway, and take your finger with it!

Do you have any thoughts about this new venture? Love to hear them.


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