22 November 2010 ~ 1 Comment

My Landlord’s Ukiyo-e Treasure pt.2

More pics (and video) from this amazing event! (If you missed the pics in part 1 here’s a link)

Well, that’s about it. It was an amazing experience and I’m sure these pictures do not do it justice. but, I tried…wish i had been prepared to do this and I had the requisite photographic skill. 

I hope you guys enjoyed it! If so, the easiest way you can show your appreciation (and at the same time ensure you’ll be informed promptly when something new goes up) is by following Loco. Just click the links below.

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PS: Have you “followed” Loco, yet? Really? Glad to hear it!! To show my appreciation, here’s a bonus video of some of the Ukiyo-e presentation just for you…

If you missed the pics from part. 1 here’s a link: part 1
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