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Loco goes Otaku?

And the winner is: Loco in Yokohama


What did I win?

The second place prize in the 2010 Internet Scavenger Hunt is none other than the action figure that puts other action figures to shame. The most beautiful, gorgeously clad, bustiest, sexiest cyclops in the anime world. That’s right folks, I’m talking about  Space Pirate from Intron Depot (blue version)!

I must confess. I think of Otaku as some freaky fetish cult. Not that I don’t have freaky fetishes of my own, but mine are pretty basic J-porn stuff:  High School Girl molestation, Office Lady rape, Kinbaku-bi (緊縛美), Bukkake (ぶっかけ) beastiality, snuff、etc… normal Japanese kink like that. (-;

I don’t need much of a story or a plot or dynamically drawn cartoon characters. No weapons of any kind. all I need is pretty J-girls who can cry real tears and scream “iku” on cue.

But, come on, this babe is smokin’!

Just check out the backshot!

BAM! Must be ha-fu. lol

Anyway, just wanted to give a big shout out to Warren at 808Armada!! Congratulations on the success of your Internet scavenger hunt! 302 entries!!! Phenomenal, yo!

His blog is a grab-bag of Japan related stuff and has a lot of great content and links for the Anime lovers / Otaku of the world.

I really hadn’t given Otaku-dom a serious run through due to my previous predisposition against all things Otaku. I mean, living here you’re basically living  behind the scenes of these  Anime stories. What Disney staff people goes to Disneyland on vacation? None, right?

But, you’ve opened my eyes Warren (you and this sexy-ass space pirate I’ve won) and  have motivated me to give the Otaku world a real once-over. Can’t promise I’ll convert (not that you’re proselytizing or anything) or start hanging out in Akihabara stalking Danny Choo in a One-Piece costume or anything like that, but I’ll give it a serious looking into (-:

I mean, I used to be a Transformers freak back in the days and I was crazy about Legend of the Overfiend and some of those late eighties / early nineties perv’d out Japanese Anime. So, there must be an Otaku in here somewhere.

And, I think you’re right. At worst, she’ll make a hell of a conversation piece!

Thank you, sir. You and your website rock!


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