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Live from Locohama S2/E38: The solution to the Japanese Ageing Crisis?

Many of you might have heard about the declining birth rate here in Japan. There’s much ado about it in the news. What’s to be done?

Well, today at work I saw something that might be key: Get the kids to thinking about having babies!


How do you go about that? Well…step this way:

First you gather some professionals to help the kids experience pregnancy and learn how to properly care for the infant once they’re born.

Let the kids get their feet, or in this case hands, wet.

Let them try to get out of a futon carrying a watermelon in their bellies…

Find a teacher or two willing to join in on the fun…

And then, for a grand finale, you put them in the room with the real things (and their anxious but generous mothers)…

And it won’t hurt if they happen to be some of the cutest babies ever…

And VOILA! Baby crisis aborted (so to speak).

I don’t know if this will inspire Japanese people to have more than 1.25 kids (the national average) but here’s hoping these kids will save their country from this pending disaster.


PS: This post was submitted to Show Me Japan Vol.1 / Issue 5 over at Budget Trouble. Do yourself a big favor and go check out the other submissions. Other great pictures of Japan you’re sure to find!

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