21 December 2010 ~ 4 Comments

Live from Locohama S2/E39: Yokohama Christmas Card Company

Told my kids the other day that I was going to New York for the holidays, so they went ahead and made some greeting cards for me to take home with me for friends and family. Flooded my desk with hundreds of them, actually.

Here are some of my faves:


Think my peeps will get a kick outta these? Yep, me too! (And it saves money on buying Japanese souvenirs. I can pitch these as authentic Japanese artwork from real Japanese student artists lol) Price-less!

Next years, maybe I’ll get my little Elves started sooner. I bet these bad boys would sell like I-Pads  (-;

Well, anyway, I couldn’t say it much better than my kids:

Have a Happy Holiday, everyone, and a healthy, safe and productive new year!


PS:  As of tomorrow, lord willing, I’ll be on NY time, but on location I’ll probably be tweeting and FB-ing much more often than I’ll be updating Loco in Yokohama.  So, if you wanna keep up with Loco, click an icon below and follow me! Otherwise, holla at you soon!




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