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Loco’s Patronus “flows like Jazz…”

My new blog, Loco’s Patronus, is up and running, and GREAT THINGS are happening!

I started it just as we entered Black History Month (February). And it couldn’t have been better timed if I had planned it that way. I mean, what better time to speak about the people who have and continue to influence and inspire me?

I started with Frederick Douglass. Here’s an excerpt:

“I was a little vague on what he’d done after the Civil War. That’s probably why I missed this jewel. I came across it, ironically, not in my study of Frederick Douglass but in my research on Haiti. It seems that in 1889 the U.S., in its infinite wisdom, named Douglass the Minister-Resident and Consul-General to the Republic of Haiti. A post he held until 1891 when he resigned in protest of U.S. policies concerning Haiti. Not quite an ambassadorship but nothing to sneeze at either, especially in them days. Well, turns out that in 1893 Douglass gave a speech, regarding Haiti, in Chicago that would send a chill up the leg of even President Obama!”

 I followed this piece with my impressions of Haiti during my three-week stay there. Here’s an excerpt:

“Like most Americans, my mind had been poisoned about everything Haitian- in fact, anything even vaguely African is tarnished to some extent. The negatives of Haiti are splashed on the TV and newspapers so frequently that it is nearly impossible to think of her without the accompanying images of chaos and dismay: Kidnapping, murder, theft, starvation, refugees, AIDS, Voodoo, ruthless dictators, coup d’etats, corrupt police, Tonton Macoute, etc…The list is long and ugly. My friends bon voyaged me with warnings like: “Don’t tell them you’re American-they hate Americans!” or “Don’t tell them you’re a writer-they kill writers!” or “Don’t come back a Zombie!” If not for my trust in the Creator’s Master Plan, I probably would’ve canceled my trip and ate the cost of that ticket.”

Then, there was a  piece I did on the legendary Louis Armstrong, another of my inspirations. Here’s a brief excerpt:

While I was racking the balls, my father caressed chalk onto the head of his cue-stick and said, “I was wrong, Loco. Jazz is Armstrong. Armstrong is Jazz. Miles took Jazz some place else, like Hendricks did Rock, but Jazz…pure Jazz…is all Armstrong. Everybody else is just paying homage! You into Jazz now?”

“Kinda,” I said.

“Well, if you want to really understand what Jazz is about, you study Armstrong. Then, listen to everybody else. You’ll see what I’m saying.”

And, what do readers think? Here are some of the comments Loco’s Patronus has received so far:

“Enlightening, and a great way to start the month.” from Don Kangol Jones of the popular anime blog: The Check-in Station. Check out his profile if you have a chance. Thanks Don!

“I think you’ve found your groove, Loco. This post is simultaneously about jazz, your dad, and the journey that is the arc of your life. Your writing sounds and feels natural, unforced, like your muse is just flowing through your fingers as you type,” from the Notorious IG himself, Invisible Gaijin. Though he has moved to yellower pastures across the Sea of Japan (or China depending who you ask) he still blogs regularly here. Thanks for the support IG. You da Man!

“Having a second is SO sweet in so many ways…Throwin this on the blogroll again as it seems THIS may be where I find the best reads!” from the BadBoy we all know and love, fessin’ up some stories that’ll bend your ears back and fuck up your ergonomics! Brace yourself fool! Then click here to visit the Badboy in Japan bringing it rugged and raw with no KY! Good looking yo! I’m definitely fucknwitu!

Well, first of all, as someone else says above, you are really in your groove with this – you, yourself, writing like jazz. I love the flow of it and some of the verb choices – all putting the reader right in that pool hall with your father…” from Laura Mackinnon of Tokyolola’s blog.You can check out her musings on life in the big Mikan and some nice photographs (like the one on the left) here. Thanks for the shout, Laura, and for sharing so much of yourself on my blog. It was moving. I feel like I know you well. Your honest support of my new undertaking is appreciated more than you know!

So, take it from Loco, or take it from readers, take it however you like! Loco’s Patronus is full-on. Come give it a test ride  and let me know what you think. Get on board!

My lastest post is on the late great mystery writer and creator of a prodigious Harlem Detective Series spanning almost two decades, Chester Himes! Not to be missed.

Whether solely on Loco in Yokohama, or on both blogs, thanks in advance for your continued support!



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2 Responses to “Loco’s Patronus “flows like Jazz…””

  1. FuKnWitU 8 February 2011 at 9:53 pm Permalink

    Thank you bro!

    I'm lookin' forward to a lot of interesting reads comin' from a "loco" angle. I thought your template was very simple but I thought…you can't read a book and look at the cover at the same time…you got such high quality writing skills the words are the beauty that attracts. I think your solid readership is gonna float that beauty as high and far as you wanna sail it.

    I feel like this is the livingroom where I can play X-box and swear my ass off and not use a coaster cuz the tables a bit worn but the other blog…that's the room with the sofa that's got a plastic cover to keep the dust of and you ain't supposed to sit on it….you aint even supposed to step on the carpet cuz it always has that neat "just vacuumed" look. So I will just look and leave thoughtful comments. If I can't then I'll sit in here and roll fatties and smoke em' to my head 😉

  2. Laura 9 February 2011 at 6:19 pm Permalink

    Thanks for the shout out, Loco. I'm glad you didn't mind my excessively long comment (which had nothing to do with Black History Month)! On that note, I'm glad you are in Japan and writing about Frederick Douglass, Louis Armstrong, and yourself in an authentic way – any depth that can be added to the very limited understanding of "black culture" in the land of the rising sun is a good thing.

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