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Back to Life Blog Party #3: The Bad Boy’s in da house!

Y’all know what time it is!

Yep, it’s your boy, Loco here, back with another jam by a blogger with a growing reputation for shaking shit up like an 8.9 on the Richter.

I still remember fondly when he first snatched my full attention. It was via my comment section no less. He was responding to some denial-ism being unleashed by a Japanese reader to a post I wrote about a year ago called “Ambassador Extraordinaire” in which he’d said:

“…In a perfect world I could don a ninja suit at night and tap motherfuckers with my brass knuckles and then leave a sticky note on their forehead for them to read after they regain consciousness (I’d need a Japanese Robin to my Batman) to write the notes in Japanese though 🙁

The only thing i hate more than racist narrow minded Japanese is foreigners who come here and adopt that shit. (I’m mostly looking at you England) You fuckers both have some weird formality a.k.a social bullshit that goes back to your King/Emperor pasts. I don’t trust either of your lying asses and thankfully I have already put brass to brain on one English flunky with too much juice in him. *****waits for another chance***** 🙂 “

He had been commenting on my blog for almost a year already up til that point but for the most part his comments had been merely thoughtful and funny, if not a bit on the aggressive side. But, that day (and I remember I was at Starbucks somewhere and spat my coffee all over the fucking table) , for so eloquently and consistently putting into words that which had resided in my heart but I had not the balls to say aloud. From that point on I had given the Bad Boy Sacred Cow status on Loco in Yokohama as a small measure of gratitude (and never looked back) allowing him to speak his peace in whatever manner he saw fit!

And speak it he did.

I’m sure more than a few commenters read his comments and were intimidated and I’m sure I lost a few as well. Small price to pay for the jewels this man drops and the lessons he’s taught me about living out loud and writing your heart.

Since then he has gathered momentum (not to mention a growing readership) on his relatively new blog: Confessions of a Bad Boy in Japan And Loco in Yokohama is proud to have been a small part of the inspiration for it.

So, without further ado, Bad Boy? Loco in Yokohama is all yours!

What’s the Loco-est thing you’ve ever seen or done in Japan?

I smuggled dope into Japan via Fukuoka Intl Airport. I was convinced that the authorities in Hawaii knew but were passing it off to the stricter country and making it bigger by letting it be smuggling instead of attempted smuggling. I taped the living shit outta one box and barely taped the other as bait. They took it. The heavily taped box was wrapped in U.S. inspectors tape when I saw it in Japan and it was searched again in Fukuoka. They never looked at the loosely /hardly taped one which contained 5 satellite speakers from a Sony 5.1 unit. Speakers are often packed with stuffing to enhance the small speakers low freq. (I’m an Audiophile/Car stereo freak) and I guessed they might be so accustomed to the shadow in the speaker that they wouldn’t think twice. The liquid **** was poured over warm cotton. (Easily separated later). They mighta not have noticed even if they had taken a Philips screwdriver and removed 3 screws to take of the back which was also barely super glued.

I did it for the rush. But I believe I had some mini heart attacks during the long flight to Japan. My left hand was numb and my chest was chronically cramped the whole time. I felt like I did the moment before I bungee jumped but for 9 straight hours. It was physical and emotional hell. I had done it twice before but I had bad feelings this time. The NEXT time they searched and went crazy which is detailed here:  JAL & The FBI (My ticket?…Motherfucker)

Why do you blog about life in Japan?

I feel like a square peg looking at a buncha round holes. In Hawaii I could just cruise and enjoy but Japan has made me look around myself more. Not happy so much with what I see and that includes this place and the locals and foreigners too. I came here for safety reasons (I didn’t wanna die) so it is what it is and I LOVE teaching as my 1st blog showed but there is no shortage of fucked up people over here. On an island like Oahu being 2 faced or breaking your word is bullshit that will catch up to you quick (being on a little island in the middle of the Pacific tends to make it like that)

Is violence really necessary?

Yes….sadly, it is the only thing that works sometimes. Being punked is not optional. I fought since childhood and I continue till as recently as last February/March but I pick my spots better now. “Hit and Run” keeps it fun. People and entire countries use violence as a form of communication when other forms have failed.

I’m a great communicator 🙂

Bad Boy

@Bad Boy: Man, thank you so much for laying down these  lyrics here at my spot. You’re the most righteous!

@My readers: Show the Bad Boy some much deserved love and treat yourselves to his stories. His blog kicks ass and takes names. You want Sumo, shrines, sakura trees, and sake, go finger google. You want the rawness Japan has to offer through the eyes of a  man who’ll lay it down, fat-free and un-cut? Check out the Bad Boy!

Tell him Loco sent ya!

And speaking of rawness, the Bad Boy is in the process of launching a new endeavor. One that will introduce readers to a number of bloggers who are able to illustrate  the rawness of Japan with a high level of intelligence, creativity, wit, humor and depth.

This new blog is aptly named:

And trust me, the wasabi was not forgotten! Just click on the banner above and feast your mind!

(Mind you it’s still in its early stages, but get in now so you can say “Man, I’ve been on board since back in da days!”)

And, please don’t forget to keep Praying for Japan! People are still struggling and suffering!

If you haven’t gotten your copy of Quakebook 2:46 yet, well, it ain’t just gonna materialize on your Kindle! See that big ass link on my sidebar? Use it! And spread the word. A paper version, as well as a Japanese version, are coming soon!

This party WILL continue…


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20 Responses to “Back to Life Blog Party #3: The Bad Boy’s in da house!”

  1. Anonymous 1 May 2011 at 12:27 am Permalink

    Though I don't agree with or can't relate to a lot of the stuff he writes, I've come to enjoy his writing since first seeing him here and then checking out his blog. Definitely worth checking out!

    • FuKnWitU 1 May 2011 at 10:09 am Permalink

      I was surprised when you commented on my site the 1st time because I thought i had rubbed you wrong. Let that be a compliment to yourself and a critique on others with thinner skin. These are words..and not agreeing with them is fine. No need to shut down. I respect that you never did because we have had interesting exchanges since on sometimes deep stuff like Religion.

      • Anonymous 1 May 2011 at 10:14 am Permalink

        Thanks, man. I agree. Some of my best friends have radically different religious or political beliefs than I do, but that doesn't have to end the dialogue, and it doesn't mean we can't respect one another. I think having to explain yourself and sometimes defend your opinion is a good way to evaluate yourself from time to time, too.

        And though you and I see things in different ways, I think we have some stuff in common, and I can relate to you in those ways. For example, we both like teaching, writing, and animals. And I think we have similar feelings about blogging etiquette. Thanks for always commenting, by the way!

        • FuKnWitU 1 May 2011 at 11:35 am Permalink

          "I think having to explain yourself and sometimes defend your opinion is a good way to evaluate yourself from time to time"

          Similar to my "there is no loser or winner in a debate" just knowledge exchanged and thinking reviewed…self analysis is good for everyone from time to time.

          Right back at ya with the comments BTW!!!!

  2. FuKnWitU 1 May 2011 at 1:29 am Permalink


    I got all nostalgic reading that "tap motherfuckers with my brass knuckles" comment. I remember wondering if I was gonna be banned but I never was. This was the first and only site that ever allowed me to be me. I released a lot of steam on here and it was like fucking therapy. You were THE inspiration for me. THIS (your site) is the big leagues and people gotta bring their thinking caps or get chewed up.

    I realized just before Christmas time that i was having a "net negative effect" on your site. I was rubbing a lot of folks the wrong way but i needed to keep venting…releasing…screaming at things and people but I couldn't push the boundries anymore. For the record. I do apologize. I shoulda reigned myself in but biting my tongue was never my strong point….fuck….I ain't even capable of it.

    I wrote some stuff ..a lot of stuff on here that was raw as raw can get and I wondered whether to re-master them for a new post myself but they were born here so this is their home.

    I walk a path in words that was allowed to be started by you. I got true respect for a very very small number of folk in this whole wide world and you one of them. You had the confidence and character to let me be me and I was set free. I have assaulted less people since finding a home here. Someone somewhere DOES NOT have a long scar from their ear to their eye because of you.

    I am serious…the pain gotta come out my fingers or fists and starting right here they came outta the fists less because the fingers did the talking instead.

    You the man!!!

    "What more can I say
    I wouldn't be here today
    if the old School didn't pave the way"

    "Ain't nothin like the old school"

  3. Orchid64 1 May 2011 at 8:49 am Permalink

    I like that some people have this sort of passion behind their views and the energy to fight back so hard. It's just not my style. I've learned that the laws of physics tend to apply in all interactions so most of the time it's better not to take an action because of the equal and opposite reaction (mainly because of the "opposite"). People are deeply entrenched in their view of things because experience has shaped them such that they are blind to the potential truth of other views. It's only life that can mold them such that they can see what you see (or vice versa). I figure that, sooner or later, something will happen to wake them up, or not. But it's not something I can give them through mere words. Life has to make them learn it.

    I used to have that energy when I first got here, but after years of feeling like Don Quixote, I decided to direct those energies differently. However, I raise a glass to those who have the fire and the will to keep trying, especially in the face of racism (and I absolutely agree with the idea that British people who come to Japan are far too adept at embracing Japanese racist mentality – I'm sure both would agree that us continental types just can't understand the "special" mindset that comes from being from a small island nation).

    • FuKnWitU 1 May 2011 at 10:06 am Permalink

      You always have the best most thought out rationale comments. The Japan/England Island nation former Empires with royal families have more similarities in a bad way than they seem to realize. I am commenting on the few I have gotten close too but the ability to kinda lie "with the thoughts of others in mind" was something that I was at first surprised by but made total sense after a little thought

    • Jen 2 May 2011 at 12:15 am Permalink

      >>>(and I absolutely agree with the idea that British people who come to Japan are far too adept at embracing Japanese racist mentality – I'm sure both would agree that us continental types just can't understand the "special" mindset that comes from being from a small island nation).

      That makes you sound like you may have more of "a small island mindset" than you are obviously aware of. But you know, life has to make you learn it, or not.

  4. RKat 1 May 2011 at 11:51 am Permalink

    I still love that picture of you as a kid. I know you're a big tough bad boy now, but kawaiiiii!

    • Chris Ballard 1 May 2011 at 8:03 pm Permalink

      Thanks. I was a bit too "cute" at that age. I consider myself a manimal now 😉

  5. Joe Bushell 3 May 2011 at 1:04 am Permalink

    not really sure what English people you're meeting

  6. Cedric Domani 5 May 2011 at 8:30 am Permalink

    "(I’d need a Japanese Robin to my Batman) to write the notes in Japanese though 🙁 "
    The sticky note would probably say : "I'm sorry for doing this, this violent gaijin made me do it" .

  7. Rubi 6 May 2011 at 9:28 pm Permalink

    Work has been kicking my arse, so I haven't been able to pay either of your blogs -nor my own- the kind of attention I'd like. Anyway, thought I'd give you both a shout.

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