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“People Are Stupid…That’s the Way it is!”

So, once again, I’m checking my stats and I see a great deal of traffic coming from Youtube! Clicked it and was taken to a rather high profile Vlogger known as GimmeaflakemanI’ve been a subscriber to his vlog for some time now and really dig his work!

He’s done a video response to my post and to the video I posted the other day (that I’m sure most of you have seen by now) of a guy in Korea going postal on a couple of Koreans over what, by some accounts, was a misunderstanding.

Here’s the video response he made below:

First off, I want to say thank you, Gimmeaflakeman, for the shout out!

A few phrases jumped off the screen at me and, when time allows (perhaps this evening), I will respond to them, for I think they are crucial to a true meeting of minds (if there wil ever be one) among human beings regardless of skin pigmentation, nationality or  any other agent of divisiveness.

They are as follows: 

“Easy way to refer to someone”

“Why did you mention that he was black?”

“I’ve heard of people being spit on…”

“Whatever you do is going to reaffirm any biases about you or your country, or it may be a great opportunity to dispel them…”

“I kinda can’t really blame everyone for judging blacks in this case because people are stupid. That’s the way it is, and you gotta know that…”

“Cultural misundestandings are a bitch, but they come with the territory.”

Very provocative stuff here.

I’ll get back atcha directly! Gotta go peddle some English.

to be continued…


Who is this guy, Loco, anyway? Click here!


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3 Responses to ““People Are Stupid…That’s the Way it is!””

  1. Rubi 3 September 2011 at 9:02 pm Permalink

    Hey, Loco. How’s the publication coming along? Brother-man it truly has been too long. Between crazy amounts of work at the office, developing-world internet connection, and my own sloth, I really haven’t been able to to do justice to your writing.

    Glad I had the opportunity to catch up today. Great posts and discussion on the fellow in Korea who lost his cool.

    A couple quick inchoate thoughts on the video above:

    It seems to me that Gimmeaflakeman is arguing that racism is a natural consequence of humankind’s general stupidity. I have my beef with that – I don’t think racism is natural at all. That aside, I just found the idea that somehow the optimal response to the prejudices of people in the majority population could be the admonition to deal with it utterly depressing. Why should the prejudice of a Japanese person be my problem to solve, not theirs?

    I mean I get that in a way it is my problem. Prejudices personal and institutional necessary arrange trouble for me, and I would be an idiot not to adopt strategies for mitigating them (I ain’t about to tell a black guy driving in Oklahoma to not be extra sweet to the cops if ever he’s pulled over.)

    That being said, are we not entitled to demand more of those with whom we share a society?

    Is the whole, “that’s the way it is” thing due to communities of migratory backgrounds being too small, transitory and or unorganised to demand more?

    Is a Japanese person disrespectful enough to spit at me because of all the messages in his head about people who look like me really going to have those messages dispelled if I don’t put the Fist of Rukt on him?

    • Locohama 3 September 2011 at 9:11 pm Permalink

      Eloquence, as always, my man Rubi, and hisashiburi da ne! It has been far too long since you’ve blessed me and my readers with your diamond wit and stellar brilliance! Thank you for making a strong return with the above remarks. Incisive as always, and you’ve beaten me to the punch for i was planning to give this my undivided tomorrow. Thanks bruh! The other stuff I’ll hit you up offline on!

  2. Blackchild 7 September 2011 at 9:17 am Permalink

    His white privilege is showing hard in this video. I guess we should just be satisfied with second class citizen status because that’s just how it is?

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