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Blending With The CNNGO Tokyo Team

Spent Saturday evening at a networking Blender with some of the team  from CNNGO Tokyo and a number of other content creators, writers, photographers and artist here in Japan. I had a marvelous time!

First, a little about the venue!

The restaurant, aptly called Biervana (meaning Beer Heaven), is like a cross between Oktoberfest and Chez Cool! The food was on point (had myself two helpings), the wine was tasty (drank myself one too many glasses) and they’ve got a beer selection that even a German would appreciate! And, one whole wall is a projection screen flashing flicks of beauties bearing beer and other tasteful sights.The owner is the kind of quick-witted seasoned veteran that you just know is gonna know your name, or your beer, by the second visit and make you feel at home

I dug the whole vibe up in there! I’ll definitely be back!

For more info, here’s  a link to the Biervana Twitter Page and here’s a link to the website Biervana.

Next, big shout out to Mark Hiratsuka, Editor of CNNGO Tokyo, for the invite! Much obliged, sir!  You can follow Mark on Twitter @Japanized.

Here I am with Don J. Anderson, Sales and Marketing Director for CNNGO/Hong Kong   (Twitter page: @D_AndersonHK) and Mark Hiratsuka.

And, if you don’t know about CNNGO, then you best get in the know! It’s a hecka resource for finding out what’s going on in and around Tokyo, chock full of news on travel, entertainment, food, drink, lifestyles, you name it! A whole slew of very talented writers, editors, photographers and other contributors (some of whom I met last night) collaborating to provide readers with informative, accurate, and timely content. Check it out for yourself: CNNGO Tokyo

I also came across a few people I knew from Twitter, like Rob Goss (@tokyofreelance) with whom I had a very enlightening chat about writing, publishing and the most interesting things in Japan (-; What a great guy! Living my dream life!

I finally got a chance to meet the great Dave Perry of In Praise of Izakaya who’ve I’ve known since the inception of Loco in Yokohama, and turned out to be even cooler than his twitter photo; the kind of guy I’d love to go hang out with and hit Izakaya sometime. You can follow his tweets at: Tokyodrinker

Some other folks I had brief chats with included:

Bikram S. Sohal, Vice president & General Manager at CNNGO

Noriko Yamaguchi of Nori Photography who does a bit of photography for CNNGO

Wes Lang of Hikinginjapan. com

Rick Martin, Editor at Penn-Olson.com

Marcus Lovitt  a content creator at Japaneats.tv

And, Alex Brooke, founder of Learn Japanese Pod

And many other good folks to know. It was actually a helluva turnout and I met too many people to mention just now unfortunately )-: (plus, I should have eaten before I got at that wine)

If you were there and  read this post, please do me a favor and drop me a line with your particulars!

Best regards,


Who is this guy, Loco, anyway? Click here!

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2 Responses to “Blending With The CNNGO Tokyo Team”

  1. Dave 31 October 2011 at 12:30 pm Permalink

    Thanks for mention Loco. Look forward to doing some izakaya together some time. You wanna show me somewhere interesting in Yokohama?

    • Locohama 31 October 2011 at 1:12 pm Permalink

      My pleasure I know a spot I like here. Nice view and vibe but typical fare. If you’re down I’m down!! (-;

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