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Conversations 2012 #9: It was an Extraordinary Time in America

This conversation took place today in my office between myself and a Japanese co-worker (translated from Japanese)

Co-Worker: So,I just finished reading your book, Loco-sensei!

Me: Really? Wow, so what did you think?

CW: I thought it was very interesting…

Me: How so?

CW: There were many difficult and unusual words. But I understood much of it.

Me: That’s good!

CW: Your life in Japan is much easier than your life back in the States, I think.

Me: Hmmm….perhaps. It’s definitely different.

CW: And, I’ve been studying a lot about European history…and your book talked about aspects of their history that I hadn’t seen in my studies.

Me: Yeah?

CW: Oh Yeah! And very different in style, too…you are very passionate!

lococover1Me: (Smile)

CW: And I was especially interested in your schooling, elementary, high school and university. Very different to the education here in Japan.

Me: Yeah, it was an extraordinary time in America.

CW: I thought a lot about the empty seat (points it out on the book cover). Your take on the empty seat is very different from our take, I think. But it’s important that we understand each other’s thoughts and feelings so that we can address racism and discrimination in a constructive way.

Me: Couldn’t agree more.

CW: I was very moved by your experience with Aiko. Very Moved!

Me: It was a difficult time.

CW: Well, thank you for sharing your story. I think it’s a very important book and you are great for writing it.

Me: No, thank you for taking the time to read it. I know how challenging it must have been.

CW: It was worth it.

Me: Glad to hear it. If you get a chance, could you write a review on Amazon Japan?

CW: We’ll see (he winks)

PS: he did! Click here to read


PS: And if you haven’t read Hi! My Name is Loco and I am a Racist yet, what are you waiting for? A personal invitation? Check it out! It’s available in paperback and E-book version here.

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4 Responses to “Conversations 2012 #9: It was an Extraordinary Time in America”

  1. Ozball 19 December 2012 at 6:00 pm Permalink

    This is great to see. 😀 Hopefully they do post on Amazon Japan and more Japanese pick it up.

    Though I’m curious about what your co-workers take is on the empty seat… particularly since they said that their take on the empty seat was different from yours.

    • Locohama 19 December 2012 at 8:27 pm Permalink

      Hey Oz! Yeah I was a little curious but not so much. Inquiring minds like to know? I’ve inquired sufficiently to know what the general take is and I’ve covered it quite a bit in the boom and the blog. I was just happy that he read it and GOT it…at least it seemed he did (-:

  2. Guido 19 December 2012 at 7:51 pm Permalink


    What is the co-worker’s take on the empty seat?

    • Locohama 19 December 2012 at 8:25 pm Permalink

      If you ever have a conversation with Japanese people you’ll find that sometimes they are a bit vague on things, and you’re placed in this awkward position of trying to figure out if it was intentional or not. I couldn’t. I usually default to it was intentional and so didn’t press. I would’ve liked to have his heard his take too but Ive heard so many Japanese people (and foreigners)give their takes that nothing he could have said would have surprised me the least bit, from Japanese are terrfied of black people to Japanese don’t want to offend your foreign sense of space, so I didnt press. It is what it is.
      I do think that his following statement kind of she’d some light on what it probably was those.
      Thanks for the shout Guido

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