04 February 2014 ~ Comments Off on World Premiere of Long-Awaited Loco in Yokohama Trailer

World Premiere of Long-Awaited Loco in Yokohama Trailer

Without further ado, Here it is! The long-awaited trailer for the hit new book, Loco in Yokohama:

Back in the Summer of 2013, I came up with this concept for a book trailer…

I thought it was pretty killer, but I wouldn’t be able to do it alone. To pull it off I was going to need others…a lot of others. And some rather on the professional side..

There was only one person to call, the same woman who has given me nothing but sound and helpful advice on so many things since I’ve met her, and never lets me down!

Yep, you know it. I’m talking about our beloved: Kimiecat

Well, with a bun in the oven (at that time, that bun has since transformed into a beautiful little bundle of joy) that was due about the time I’d need her physically, she simply guided me in the right direction as usual.

This time around, I was lead, ironically, back to my own stomping grounds of Yokohama.

To meet with the Artistic Director of the Yokohama Theater Group. Andrew Woolner.


andrew me

For the sake of brevity I won’t give all the details, but let it be known that aside from the writing and editing, Andrew is responsible for the procurement and execution of EVERY element of this project, from the actors, to the director, to the rehearsal space, to even making sure things stayed on schedule. I called him the producer of this project but he was so much more. I just don’t know a better title than that. Executive Producer? Anyway, he is a fireball of positive energy and enthusiasm.

And one of the first calls he made was to Figure 8 Productions, because if you want it done right, and it’s related to film and video production, that’s who you call. Jamie Morris runs things over there, and agreed to direct our little project.

photo (5)



And you’ve all seen what Joanne Wong can do. The girl is amazing, and without her this whole project would have fallen flat on its face, so thank you Joanne!! Your brilliant acting carried this project!!




And the rest of the gang from the Yokohama Theater Group, thanks guys!!

baye video

You all rock!

I look forward to working on future projects together…

So, anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Please drop comments on the YouTube page or below.

Thanks again



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