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Why I Pray For Japan

I forgot all about 3/11.

I came into the office today and during the morning meeting the principal suddenly announces over the loud speaker that we were going to take a moment of silence.

I almost asked “for what”? fearing one of the students had gotten hit by a car and killed or something crazy I hadn’t heard about.

Then it hit me…

It’s  3/11…


I didn’t lose anyone close to me personally that day. But I have students and friends who have lost family and loved ones. And I know people who are from areas that were devastated by tsunami and were forced to relocate. And I thought about them as I closed my eyes and clasped my hands and bowed my head.

And I thought of the thousands who died that day and the millions impacted by this catastrophe, stretching from one end of this country to the other.

And I realized why I had stored these thoughts and feelings away.

They’re just too horrific and heart-wrenching to keep near the surface.

As I wrote in my first book, 3/11 was the day I first saw real hope for Japan, and for my life here. And I’ve been trying to keep that hope alive ever since, struggling to hold onto things to remain hopeful about.

So today I memorialize those that were lost, and pray that they lend their spiritual support to those of us left behind to continue the struggle.

I Still Pray For Japan






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  1. Haikugirl 12 March 2014 at 8:24 am Permalink

    I’m not particularly religious, but amen to that. I completely share your sentiment.

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