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Miki and Baye Take New York!

So, as it stands, this is the agenda for my New York visit next week:

I’ll be arriving on Monday March 24th in the afternoon. That evening and the following evening I currently have no plans except spending some time with my Moms. I’m anticipating a bit of jet lag after the 13-14 hour flight, but I might be up for something in the evenings. Gonna play it by ear…probably get some shopping in though.

Wednesday evening is the Homecoming / Book Launch party, which might be followed by an after party at Brooklyn Moon (if anyone is up to it. Yeah, I know it’s a work night, sorry.)


Thursday the 27th, during the day, is free, and will probably be spent with fam and friends.

That Evening I’ll be doing an interview with Basir Mchawi on WBAI radio program: Education at the Crossroads, where I’ll likely talk about the books a bit and about teaching and living in Asia.


Friday the 28th during the day is free as well, but that evening I’ll be doing my first official NYC Book Event at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center

sisters up

Saturday (and Sunday), I’ll be attending the National Black Writers Conference at Medgar Evers College


Saturday afternoon,┬ámy beloved Miki will be arriving in NY, so Saturday evening it’s likely I’ll be taking her out for dinner somewhere tourists don’t usually get to see (assuming these places still exists…I’m damn near a tourist myself now smh. They’ll likely be some ┬áMiki and Loco take New York pics and videos) Not to mention her meeting the friends and fam. That ought to be worthy of a book in itself lol


Monday, March 31st, we’ll probably do some shopping and exploring during the day, introduce her, and re-introduce myself, to my hometown.

Tuesday evening will be spent at Barclay’s Center watching the Brooklyn Nets and the Houston Rockets!! (In a building that didn’t exist last time I was in town smh) Miki, who I’ve converted into a B-ball fan, has a crush on Jeremy Lin, and I gotta admit I’m pretty excited about seeing the bearded one, Harden, not to mention KG, Pierce, Howard and D-Will. Both teams are playing well so this ought to be good.


Then Wednesday, during the day, probably do something relaxing until that evening when it’ll be time for my 2nd official NYC Book event at Bluestocking Bookstore on the Lower East Side.


Then from Thursday through Saturday I’m pretty much free. Probably take a trip out of the city…maybe Atlantic City for a night might be nice (-;

Saturday afternoon, it’s back to Yokohama, just in time for that afternoon’s Youtube Hanami at Yoyogi Park (if Miki and I are up to it) with Victor Boggio and Hikosaemon.


Probably’ll need a drink after that long ass flight. And what better way to do so than under the cherry blossoms with friends (-;

Sounds like a plan!


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3 Responses to “Miki and Baye Take New York!”

  1. Dochimichi 22 March 2014 at 6:28 am Permalink

    Have a lovely trip! By the way, you both look great on the photo ))

    (^ ^)V

  2. Christine 23 March 2014 at 9:01 pm Permalink

    Ohhh man! Sounds like good times ahead! Can’t wait to see ya this week! Have a safe flight!

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