21 May 2014 ~ Comments Off on In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

Still teaching (since yesterday) the present perfect to my third-year students. I instructed them to ask me questions using “how long?”

1st student: How long have you played basketball?
Me: …since I was a child.
2nd student: How long have you eaten hamburgers?
Me: …since I was a child.
3rd: How long have you drunk cola?
Me: …since I was a child.
4th: How long have you visited japan?
Me: I’m not a visitor…I’m a…never mind. Next?
5th: How long have you liked basketball?
Me: Isn’t that the same–
5th: No, (pointing at the 1st student) he said “played”
Me: OK. …since I was a child.
6th: How long have you watched basketball?
Everybody laughs. Me too…
Me: Very clever. Since I was a child.
7th: How long have you practiced basketball?
More laughter…even me…

I wanted to say something more but I just couldn’t bring myself to kill the mood. At least they were learning the grammar.



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