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Nothing But Love for THIS Love Hotel!

One of my favorite areas in Yokohama is called Shin-Yokohama. It doesn’t have a lot to offer, but what it has, it has in spades.

For one there’s the ramen museum. Y’all know I’m big fan of ramen! (You can peek my ramen porn stash HERE).

Ramen Museum in Shin-Yokohama

But it’s not the ramen that draws me. You can also find me on the basketball court there all summer, but that’s not my major draw, either.


Shin-Yokohama also has a respectably-sized Love Hotel district (Nothing compared to Shibuya or Shinjuku, but a wider selection than many other areas) on the far side of the Yokohama line tracks. Once you cross beneath the train tracks you’ll find yourself in the midst of a number of love hotels.

I can’t do a comparison for you. Why? Because I haven’t stayed at any other Love hotel in this area. Frankly, I couldn’t imagine any of them living up to The Scene Hotel. And, once you’ve done the scene it’s kinda hard to go back to the okie doke. It is a Love hotel Supreme!

(Cue ‘trane) You might want to listen while you dig this…

I’m serious, and you’ll see why in a moment.

The first time I went there a few years ago was my first visit to this love hotel area, and I had chosen it randomly, based purely on availability and convenience at the time. I had stayed at a number of Love Hotels by that time but, upon walking in the door, I was stunned at the classiness of the joint. I just knew it had to be well out of my price range.


Come to find out the place was designed! Yep, each floor has a different theme and all of the rooms were designed by renowned designers of some note!


First of all, if you’ve never stayed at a love hotel, it’s going to be difficult for you to relate to this. Words like “designed by” are not even a consideration at your run of the mill ラブホ. Most of them look like something that Hello Kitty might’ve hacked up in a hairball, a rejected design by some Atlantic City pre-fab casino hotel developer, or a hentai otaku on molly was handed the task.

Nothing but overrated motel rooms. And that suffices if you’re simply there to get your jollies and keepit moving.

But…if you’re looking for something a little more extra.

I think to properly give “The Scene” its just due I would have to compare it to regular hotel rooms, so as to rid your minds of the image the words love hotel might conjure. Aside from its location and designated purpose, there’s absolutely nothing even remotely dodgy about this place. It’s in a class by itself, somewhere between a 5, er, 4-star hotel at a resort, or a nice spa.

But I’ll let the website above and the pics below speak for themselves:




discreet reservation system

Point Card Prizes

discreet waiting area (with phone, candies, magazines, etc…)

And now for the room…


Massage Chair



A little Pulp Fiction “…and you will know, my name is the lord!” (-:

Whirlpool tub with HDTV

Projection TV…and a friendly game of baseball

If you’re ever in town with your significant other, or whomever the love du jour might be, looking to get your groove on, peep it for yourself.




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