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Is Japan Really a Land of Opportunity?

The latest #BlackEye is up and atcha!

This month’s piece tackles the question of opportunity in Japan, and how viewing this country as such (or not) might just be a matter of where you’re coming from…literally and figuratively.

Here’s an excerpt:

In my time here I’ve met and spoken intimately with my fair share of non-Japanese Westerners. Most of them were Caucasian, but quite a few were of African descent. Many of these black folk — that is, those originating from countries where English is the official language (Canada, Britain, Jamaica, the U.S., etc.) — initially worked as English instructors in some capacity. However, to teach English is rarely the reason they left friends, family and familiarity behind. Doing so just happens to be the surest way to get situated on these islands.

However, this is often not the case for people originating from countries where English is a secondary or tertiary language. The lion’s share of black people I’ve met from African nations have shared with me that they arrived in Japan, day one, with the strategic intent of owning and running a business here. By comparison, I can count on two hands the number of black Americans I’ve met who’ve expressed similar ambitions on day one in Japan — and I would not be one of those fingers.

There was a moment in each of my conversations with African folk where they expressed some version of a common theme: that of Japan being a land of opportunity — the opportunity to earn money that can then be sent to family members back home to further their prosperity and increase their opportunities, or the opportunity to raise a family in a safe environment, or the opportunity to access advanced educational facilities, etc.

Oh I see, that makes sense … wait!

Japan? Really?


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One Response to “Is Japan Really a Land of Opportunity?”

  1. ignacio 23 June 2017 at 1:04 pm Permalink

    thanks for this amazing story , next year will be the third time I will go to japan , but the first to try to find a job and stay there. I had read the post and bring me back to Roppongi night, with black people trying to find an opportunity to work at the night life. I met a nigerian guy working in a club and he told me about how difficult is to be black in japan.

    Have a great day

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