08 October 2017 ~ Comments Off on How to Win in Japan? “Compete at the Japanese Level!”

How to Win in Japan? “Compete at the Japanese Level!”

#BlackEye is back! As promised, Part Deux of my conversation with the new president of Kyoto Seika University, Dr. Oussouby Sacko, detailing his rise to the top slot in Academia once arriving in Japan.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“I had Japanese classmates who’d say ‘I don’t want to go abroad, because there’s nothing I can learn from them. Everyone is coming here to learn from us.’ But I was a research leader in my laboratory, and I used my leadership role to open the Japanese eyes to the outside world. I arranged trips to other Asian countries, to places like Vietnam, where they’d see people struggling, working hard, trying to develop — things they’d never get to see inside a laboratory. That shocked a lot of my classmates, and people began to say, ‘If you travel abroad with Oussouby, you will learn a lot!’

And that they did. Guess what else they learned from this brilliant man…or read about it HERE:

Vow to ‘compete at the Japanese level’ pays off for Oussouby Sacko

Thanks again, as always for supporting Black Eye!

PS: The presentation at the Japan Writers Conference today went very well. Thank you to all of you who made it today! That was fun, gotta do that more often!


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