Welcome to Loco in Yokohama

Hey, this is Loco (not my real name) and I’m here in Yokohama, Japan (a real place).

I’m a writer, a teacher and a helluva basketball player (at least I used to be), live from New York  (Brooklyn) and doing a bid in Japan- seven years running.

This is not your typical blog about the foreigner’s experience here. I go places where most blogs dare not go or can’t go cuz they simply don’t know the way.

I’m not big on geisha, flower arrangements, tea ceremonies, and penis festivals. I don’t spew over French maid cafes, kimono-clad women nor sailor outfit wearing teens. Anime ain’t my forte.  I use Nihongo (Japanese language) but it doesn’t get me off. Nor do I get off on calling Japanese people xenophobic and perpetual whale-hunting dolphin-slaughtering isolationists. This is not a forum for whining and spitting at Japanese. That ain’t my thing, either.

I don’t think Japanese culture (as it stands) is weird and wonderful. I don’t even think it’s that unique.

It is what it is, and I tell it like it is. The good and the bad (At least I try to.)

Loco in  Yokohama started back in late 2008, borne out of my desire to share the things I was seeing and experiencing, and the life I was leading. It was simply a reason to write. It’s come a long way (as have I) and the best is yet to come.

***At the risk of overstating the obvious, my goal is to be published and to make a living as a writer! If you are a publisher and dig what you’re reading, (or if you even know a publisher) I can be reached at: locohama7@gmail.com ***

Here, at Loco in Yokohama, you can expect to learn about life in Japan (specifically Yokohama) with the emphasis being on content. Your time is valuable and so is mine. I won’t waste, either. Some of my post are long but I endeavor to make them worth the investment. If you agree please let me know.

All comments are welcomed and encouraged.

Go ahead, send some  love or tear me a new one. It’s all good. Comments keep me motivated and the juices flowing…

WARNING: Some of the material is explicit (yes I use expletives- sometimes gratuitously-you know, for effect…but this ain’t Penthouse Forum…(I don’t do porn, sorry, wrong site) so you should watch your ears cuz sometimes I don’t watch my mouth.

はじめましてよろしくおね願いいたします (Hajimemashite yoroshiku onegai itashimasu)

Translation: It’s an honor to make your acquaintance and I’d appreciate it if you showed me some love and kept me in your good graces (or something to that effect)



Loco in Yokohama

“Where content comes first!”

Here’s an interview with Loco via podcast:

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