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26 February 2009 ~ 57 Comments

Acts of Retaliation #3: Don’t you understand Japanese?

Acts of Retaliation #3: Don’t you understand Japanese?]

One of my pet peeves is when staff people feel obligated to speak English to me because I’m not Japanese. Whether or not I’m using Japanese is irrelevant. My native language is irrelevant. Whether or not they can even speak English is irrelevant. Foreigner equals English. English is the language of foreigners. So, occasionally, when I […]

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29 December 2008 ~ 40 Comments

Acts of retaliation #2: Joystick]

A while back, in my efforts to maintain my sanity, I’d taken to avoiding looking at Japanese people by walking through the streets of Yokohama with my head down. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but I’m dead-ass serious! I still do it, sometimes. Enter, or sometimes even approach, a space currently occupied by Japanese and the […]

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19 November 2008 ~ 30 Comments

Acts of Retaliation #1: Retaliation Day

The following occurred in 2005… I’m in the back of a long line waiting for the next train. It’s actually a pair of parallel lines before the position where each door will eventually be. The woman directly across from me glances my direction a number of times and looks very uncomfortable about where she may wind up […]

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