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19 February 2011 ~ 23 Comments

What’s up, Loco? #7: It must be Torture a Gaijin day!

What’s up, Loco? #7: It must be Torture a Gaijin day!”>httpv://

This wasn’t  a submission to my what’s up, Loco? series, but it fits so I’m gonna work it in. This from a longtime reader and commenter here that I’m sure if you read this blog you know probably as well as or better than you know me, by the name of Chris, AKA hawaiibadboy AKA fuKnWitU. Like […]

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15 January 2011 ~ 7 Comments

What’s up, Loco? #6: Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin”>httpv://

This question  is from Saboten Girl a fellow Japan blogger (and one of my faves) over at Saboten Girl and it is as follows: What’s up, Loco! These questions are more for the universe, but since you’re putting yourself out there, I’ll “what’s up” you. I moved from Tokyo to Osaka last year. I’ve wanted to study my […]

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13 January 2011 ~ 1 Comment

What’s up, Loco? #5: content content content!

What’s up, Loco? #5: content content content!

This question wasn’t submitted directly as  a “What”s up Loco?” question but after reading it I felt it warranted entry. So, question#5 is from Paul (Blue Shoe)  a fellow Japan blogger over at Just Another Day in Japan, (Twitter handle: Blue Kutsu) and it is as follows: What’s up Loco, Happy New Year to you. Hope all is well! […]

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05 December 2010 ~ 2 Comments

What’s up, Loco? Question #4: Fisticuffs with Assholes”>httpv://

This question is from Matt What’s up Loco! I noticed in recent posts you mentioned that once or twice your anger/rage had actually manifested itself into a physical confrontation, I’d like to hear more. Without going into my personal situation in too much detail, I currently live in the UK but will eventually move back […]

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03 December 2010 ~ 32 Comments

What’s up, Loco? Question #3: How to sully a perfectly good rant

What’s up, Loco? Question #3: How to sully a perfectly good rant″

Well, this question (or rather series of questions) weren’t submitted directly as “What”s up Loco?” questions but after reading them I felt it warranted entry and a thorough explanation. So, question(s)#3 is from Kallisti, and it is as follows: Uuhhh… A little surprised by the use of that particular video, I’m thinking “Wait a minute, […]

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01 December 2010 ~ 8 Comments

What’s up Loco? Question #2: Great big hairy balls of steel

This response is for Zach, longtime reader and supporter of Loco in Yokohama. First off, Zach-san, thank you so much for your support over the years. It’s readers like you that make blogging worthwhile. readers who not only read and enjoy but comment and interact and for that I’m humbly grateful. So, here’s Zach’s question: […]

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27 November 2010 ~ 5 Comments

What’s up loco? Question #1: The bond of being the other

You might remember last week I wrote a post called “What’s up, loco?” where I invited readers to ask Loco a question on anything related to Japan or on anything else for that matter. I’ve received several so far and have either responded or told the reader when they could expect a response. Here is the […]

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19 November 2010 ~ 1 Comment

What’s up Loco

With the New Year looming, time to break out the new ideas…or dust off old ones and give them a new paint job. In that spirit, today I announce the beginning of a new venture here at Loco in Yokohama. I call it: What’s up, Loco I’m not sure how to label it just yet. I don’t want to call […]

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