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Message to readers re: Contacting Loco

I just discovered by accident that my contact page was not working (entirely my fault) and so anyone who’s tried to contact me through that page in the past 2 months has not received a response for I have not received the message. If you are one of these people, I apologize. I assure you your emails [...]

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10 June 2010 ~ 12 Comments

Conversation 6/10/2013: Chai Enema

Conversation 6/10/2013: Chai Enema

Conversation with the toilet at Takashimaya in Yokohama 3 years from now Toilet:“Welcome to Takashimaya, and thank you for using our Interactive Restroom and Restorative Spa. Our genetic aroma-lyzer has indicated you are an English-speaking American, of African-American descent, from the North Eastern portion of the United States, and that you have been living in Japan for nearly a decade. [...]

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Yokohama, in living color #8: A Junior High School in Yokohama

Yokohama, in living color #8: A Junior High School in Yokohama

I’ve written a lot about the drama and adventure at Schools A and B, and at the new school C, but rarely do I actually show pics of the environment in which I work. I guess that left a lot to the imagination. Well, I’m going to remedy that today with a dose of the real. Following are scenes from [...]

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House Rules pt. 2: Through the looking glass

I went back to that same cafe with the stupid House Rules today. What can I say? It’s one of my favorite sanctuaries. While i was there I edited and uploaded all of those pictures from my trip last weekend to the rice fields in Tana and watched the NBA finals on NBA  Broadband…smoking stogies [...]

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Yokohama, in living color #7: Aigamo rice fields of Yokohama pt.2

Yokohama, in living color #7: Aigamo rice fields of Yokohama pt.2

            Signs of the urban nearby: Grafitti on a storage shed. This farmer has set aside a portion of his rice field for children to come and experience rice farming…at a whopping 7000 yen per kid. Might make more from this than he does from the farm itself. I’d missed [...]

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Yokohama, in living color #7: Aigamo rice fields of Yokohama pt.1

Yokohama, in living color #7: Aigamo rice fields of Yokohama pt.1

When you think of Yokohama, generally you think of some of the areas I’ve covered in #s 1-6 of Yokohama, in living color. Rarely do you think of farms and rice fields. So, in this installment we’ll take a look at a farm and a rice field just 25 minutes from Yokohama station, in Tana city, [...]

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Friendly faces free of fear


One of the coolest things about being an ALT (if you’re at an easy-going school) is that you get to leave fairly early. I’m often finished all my teaching responsibilities by 2:30 in the afternoon, and by 3pm I’m looking at the front door. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3aRrokORjY I have private students most every evening, starting around 6pm [...]

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Conversation 6/4/10: You ain’t gotta explain shit to me…

Got on the train this morning and found myself standing next to one of my buddies from “the company”. He was listening to his I-Phone and hadn’t noticed me so I nudged him. He didn’t respond. I nudged him a little harder. He pulled his earphones out of his ears and turned on me like he [...]

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Japan Blog Matsuri – The June 2010 Theme

Japan Blog Matsuri – The June 2010 Theme

UPDATE!!! The Matsuri has been completed and blogged. Here’s the link! Welcome to the theme announcement for the June 2010 edition of the Japan Blog Matsuri! Before we get into the specifics of this month’s matsuri, a big shout out to last month’s host blog, Nihongoup for the exceptional job he did. The May Japan Blog Matsuri ‘s [...]

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House rules

This conversation took place, in Japanese, a little while ago between myself and a staff person at a Internet cafe in Yokohama: I arrive at the front desk. The staff person is helping a departing customer. I arrive a second before another departing customer queued behind the one being helped. Staff (to me): One moment, please. She finishes [...]