01 July 2009 ~ 3 Comments

Dear Michael: You live on…even in Japan! pt.3


Let me tell you a little about Japanese junior high schools, Mike, so you’ll understand how amazing you are (as if you didn’t know already.) Lunch time at the  schools where I’ve taught is generally the same. The students sit in their respective homerooms at their respective desks eating from their respective お弁当  lunch boxes, the only variations […]

30 June 2009 ~ 5 Comments

Dear Michael: You live on…even in Japan! pt.2


By the time I returned to the teacher’s office, it had been saturated by the news of your passing. Your name was on everyone’s lips. Now everyone grew silent and looked to me with half-condolent half-it’s nice to have something to talk about except tsuyu-expressions on their faces, confirming that, at least in that office, you […]

29 June 2009 ~ 4 Comments

Dear Michael: You live on…even in Japan!


Dear Micheal: This is just another letter from one of your many adoring fans who will miss you something terrible. I’m not one of those screaming, fainting fans, though I can certainly understand how they felt. In fact, I had totally taken you for granted while you were here in the physical form, as a […]

29 June 2009 ~ Comments Off on Still Mourning for Mike

Still Mourning for Mike


I miss you already Mike You will always be the best there ever was. You lift my heart like no other entertainer could ever do. Rest in Peace, with your bad self (-:

24 June 2009 ~ 6 Comments

What is alchemy in Japanese? pt.3

What is alchemy in Japanese? pt.3

“You mean this,” I asked, holding up my damaged hand. “Of course…what happened? I told her. She said, “Oh my god! Basketball is dangerous! You must be careful.” I didn’t say I’d been playing basketball since I was a kid without serious injury. I didn’t say I planned to return to playing the moment I […]

21 June 2009 ~ 11 Comments

What is alchemy in Japanese? pt. 2

Like most people, I love a good story so I read a lot. And, though I love to read new books, if I fall in love with a book, I always read it again. I’ve even repurchased books I’ve already read  if my copy was lost or loaned out to parties long forgotten (a writer and publisher’s wet dream I am). […]

17 June 2009 ~ 8 Comments

What is alchemy in Japanese?

What is alchemy in Japanese?

I walked into work yesterday 10 minutes late, but 20 minutes earlier than I’d expected to. The  western God of churches and cathedrals and father of a blond hair blue-eyed Middle Eastern son that has followed me from the States to Japan must have conspired with the countless kami of shrines and giant buddhas of temples to make […]

12 June 2009 ~ 17 Comments

Anti-Acts of Retaliation #3: Team Chikan

This morning, as I passed through the ticket gate, I could hear the train pulling into the station so I sprinted up the endless staircase taking the steps two at a time. By the time I reached the top the passengers had already boarded and as I rushed towards the nearest door the passengers facing my approach liked to […]

11 June 2009 ~ 4 Comments

NYC vs Tokyo / Yokohama part 6

NYC vs Tokyo / Yokohama part 6

When you see NY in movies and on TV it always looks the same…you see the same landmarks, same kind of characters, same hectic rhythm and pace. But, in actuality, NY is a remarkable place in that it is constantly being re-designed. It’s enduring and indefatigable and in a perpetual state of flux, with subtle […]

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10 June 2009 ~ 5 Comments

NYC vs. Tokyo / Yokohama part 5

NYC vs. Tokyo / Yokohama part 5

I’m not done with trains, yet. I once had a girlfriend…A Jersey girl. In NY, at least for me, Jersey and Jersey girls were exotic…and were easy prey for cool-by-virtue-of-Brooklyn- residence-guys like me. She lived in a a little city called Perth Amboy, a sleepy little town on the Northeast corridor of Jersey, just across the Outerbridge Crossing […]

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