08 June 2009 ~ 3 Comments

NYC vs. Tokyo / Yokohama part 4


まもなく、八番線に各駅停車が参ります。危ないですから黄色い線までおさがりください。 Mamonaku, hachi ban sen ni kakuekiteisya ga mairimasu. Abunai desu kara ki iroi sen made osagari kudasai. Rough Translation: The local train will arrive on track eight shortly . It’s dangerous so please stand behind the yellow line. This is one of the first Japanese phrases I learned upon moving to Japan. Any foreigner living here knows it […]

06 June 2009 ~ 16 Comments

NYC vs. Tokyo / Yokohama part 3

NYC vs. Tokyo / Yokohama part 3

Langston Hughes, one of my favorite poets from the Harlem Renaissance, wrote a poem called The Negro Speaks of Rivers. Wanna hear it? Here it goes: I’ve known rivers: I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human veins. My soul has grown deep like the rivers. […]

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04 June 2009 ~ 13 Comments

NYC vs. Tokyo / Yokohama part 2

NYC vs. Tokyo / Yokohama part 2

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The age old question enters the mind when one contemplates one aspect of life in Tokyo / Yokohama: The Almighty Station. Go to most any area in Tokyo / Yokohama and you’ll find that the most commercially developed area is the 駅前ekimae (the area in front of and immediately surrounding […]

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30 May 2009 ~ 10 Comments

The Most Interesting Man in the World!!! (updated)


…and he bench presses Japanese nurses! What a hilariously brilliant Beer ad campaign! I’ve been watching the NBA Playoffs on NBA Broadband and they show the commercials so I’ve been able to catch a whiff of what’s cooking in the US through the commercials. Well, we’re still creative as hell, that’s for sure, as evidenced […]

26 May 2009 ~ 8 Comments

NYC vs Tokyo / Yokohama part 1

NYC vs Tokyo / Yokohama part 1

Another of my very responsive readers, XO-san, made the following request of me: …How about something on how the design of cities/transportation systems impacts life in Japan and how that compares to NYC? I’ll give it a shot…anything for my loyal readers… Well, the most conspicuous difference in design is this: NY was designed with a […]

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21 May 2009 ~ 14 Comments

黄人 Kijin (Yellow People) conversation 5/21/09

(The following excerpt from a conversation took place in Japanese) “You’re having fruit for dinner??” “Yeah…I love fruit in the summer…” “Do all black people like fruit?” she asked. “Do, what? What kinda….? I don’t know. I guess so…I don’t know. Do all Yellow People like rice?” “Yellow People?” “Yeah. Like yourself.” She looked at […]

20 May 2009 ~ 4 Comments

Anti-Acts of Retaliation #2: I thought he was a chikan…

…but I was wrong. She was cute! I’d noticed her before the train had even arrived. She was wearing a mini-skirt, not so short, not so tight, 2-inch pumps and no pantyhose. She was a looker, but no more than the thousand lookers I see everyday here (Yes I still suffer periodically from the so-called […]

19 May 2009 ~ 10 Comments

Strange Relationship

Bored in Kanagawa, one of my faithful readers, has given me the assignment of talking about a strange relationship I’ve had in Japan. Hmmm…let’s see now. Ah, here’s one: I was sitting in a Doutor’s coffee shop in Yokohama studying Japanese, puffing a stogie and sipping some of their rather bland but cheap Blend Coffee […]

18 May 2009 ~ 9 Comments

A chip on my shoulder?

Reason2Write,the founder and creative genius behind one of my favorite blogs has gone ahead and given me a reason to write. (-; She has tasked me to think of alternative explanations for why SOME Japanese people behave the way they do towards me. Racism, and its virtually identical twin sister, xenophobia, as well as other forms of negativity, are not allowed. I must […]

15 May 2009 ~ 9 Comments

Things I love / hate about Japan: Alone again, naturally! Part 2

The two cuties, freshman Office Ladies by the look of them (black skirt, black jacket, black stockings black pumps and  white blouses) dropped their bags on the two seats at the table beside mine. Simultaneously, they glanced my way, shrugged and proceeded into the shop to place their orders. I was reading “Without Remorse” (one of my favorite Clancy […]