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Conversation 3/16/09 – I hate waking up mad, too


This conversation took place between myself and my boy EZ yesterday. Actually it was via my blog comment area but I thought it noteworthy enough to make a post out of it. EZ: All right, here’s my amateur translation of Sora’s blog post (currently with no comments). I apologize for any errors: “So I decided […]

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White Night at a Yokohama Love Hotel – Part 2

White Night at a Yokohama Love Hotel – Part 2

Your room size and amenities will depend mostly on how much you’re willing to spend. I’m pretty utilitarian and frugal to boot so I usually go for the cheapest room, but on certain occasions I am apt to pamper myself and overindulge a little. And I had planned to do so on White Night, but because of […]

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White Night at a Yokohama Love Hotel pt. 1

White Night at a Yokohama Love Hotel pt. 1

In Japan, Valentine’s day is for the boys.  The girls buy chocolate and what not and give it to the guys. The Japanese have a separate holiday for the return of these Valentines. Its called White Day. I don’t know why it’s called White Day…I’ve heard because chocolate companies were trying to market White Chocolate…I’ve […]

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おーい、日本人のみなさん、See how beautiful I am…And be ashamed!

おーい、日本人のみなさん、See how beautiful I am…And be ashamed!

おーい、日本人のみなさん、おれら黒人をみると避ける人がいるが、避けられるたんびにすごく悲しくなるんだ。おれらもみんなといっしょなんだ。仲良くやりたいんだよ。 Roughly translated it means something to the effect of:  “Hey, Japanese People! When you see us black people do not avoid us. Every time you do it we get very upset. We are all the same! And we want to have a good relationship with you. My friend, 空, after reading Lighten up Loco, was inspired to write […]


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All my Children Part 3

All my Children Part 3

Yet more pics from graduation day… Don’t let their smiley faces fool ya! This is the Girl’s Basketball team and they play to win. They can do anything but dunk. I ended up on the floor (and so did they) a number of times. We played at least once a week…I think I will miss […]

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Looky, Looky at what Loco found (-:

Looky, Looky at what Loco found (-:

I must have walked past this store 1000 times…it’s next to Vivre Mall in, yes, here it comes, wait for it…Yokohama! And what does Loco in Yokohama sell? Well, you guessed it! Sweets (-: This can’t be a coincidence. I think I’m divining a message in this sudden discovery… Me thinks I’ll pop in there this […]

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And how could I forget this reason I just LOVE Japan: All My Children!!


Tomorrow is graduation day for my seniors. This is the first graduating class I’ve actually known since they started Junior high school 3 years ago. We started about the same time so we’ve gotten pretty damn close. I’m sad to see them go… One of my favorites, J, asked me to write her a good […]

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Lighten up, Loco

Lighten up, Loco

I’ve been doing some thinking…a lot of thinking, actually. For the most part I’ve focused my blog on Japanese people, culture, customs and idiosyncrasies, and the highs and lows of living among them, as well as the effect of xenophobia on the soul. What I have ignored to a large degree is the issue of other people living here who also have […]

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The Homogeneous versus The Homo Sapiens: Conversation 3/5/09

Student: I read your blog about the empty seat on the train. Is it fiction? I can’t believe it. Me: Can’t believe what? Student: Is it true? Me: Well…I guess it does sound incredible. I’ve gotten used to it, though. Student: You seem tired. Me: Some days are rougher than others Student: I really can’t believe […]

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