16 February 2009 ~ 16 Comments

It’s all about the Mentsu メンツ baby

In America, it might be all about the Benjamins, but in Japan it’s all about the Mentsu メンツ. Mentsu, or Face for those of you not familiar with the concept, is very similar to what’s known as prestige or honor, or its downside, loss of face, which is akin to embarrassment or humiliation. In some Asian countries, it’s essential […]

10 February 2009 ~ 2 Comments

Yes We Can – Barack Obama Music Video

I still love this song [vodpod id=Groupvideo.2072375&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] more about "Yes We Can – Barack Obama Music Video", posted with vodpod

07 February 2009 ~ 12 Comments

One other thing I just LOVE about Japan: Speaking Nihongo part 2


…So, with Nanpa eliminated as a motivating force for study I moved  on to the motivation that has given me the lowest level of gratification. Nevertheless, the hope of doing it effectively someday still springs eternal: Retaliation! In English, I have a whole arsenal of expletives at my disposal for use in those situations where […]

04 February 2009 ~ 16 Comments

Closing in on 25000 served (-:

Well, I’m not sure if 25,000 is saying much on a WWW with millions upon millions of users, but I sure feel something, so I just wanted to mark the occasion with a little shout out to all my readers and commenters who have taken time out of their busy lives (assuming you have a busy […]

03 February 2009 ~ 4 Comments

Hiro, her Hero


Y’all know me by now. Every now and then I gotta release. And since I’m non-violent  I use my keyboard like a punching bag. Poor keys! Anyway, last night, I had to exercise such restraint, when I boarded the train at Kikuna Station and a guy was standing near the door with a girl, perhaps his […]

02 February 2009 ~ 8 Comments

One other thing I just LOVE about Japan: Speaking Nihongo part 1

After I had been studying Japanese (Nihongo) for over a year and still couldn’t hear it if my life depended on it, as you might imagine, I started to get a bit discouraged. I worried that maybe my brain had gotten too old to take on the challenges of learning a new language. They say a child’s brain is like […]

02 February 2009 ~ 11 Comments

The effect of “Obama” on my life in Yokohama pt. 2

This congratulations business had started back before the summer when Obama handed Hillary Clinton her hat and sent her packing with an unexpected (and unaccepted) loss. For several weeks that followed I was being congratulated by Japanese people. Granted, I often wore Obama paraphernalia, at minimum a button and at max an assemble.  So, it wasn’t […]

02 February 2009 ~ 9 Comments

The effect of “Obama” on my life in Yokohama?

I could easily answer “very little” as far as the Japanese are concerned, and end this entry right here and now. But, for the sake of the handful of readers who have been waiting patiently for me to get back to blogging about Kawaiiland, I thank you and I will elaborate. Since the inauguration I have […]

22 January 2009 ~ 6 Comments

Conversation 1/21/09

Conversation 1/21/09

Me: I’m still in shock. Friend back in NY: It’s crazy, right? Me: Is this the feeling white people walk around with their whole lives? Like throughout history? F: I know what you mean. I stood up for the National Anthem the other day. Me: Word? Hand over the heart, and all that? Damn, everything has changed…hasn’t […]


22 January 2009 ~ 6 Comments

1000 Words…

1000 Words…

I’m STILL in shock!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!! Loco