11 December 2008 ~ 10 Comments

Conversation (12/10/08)

Loco: How are you doing today? Private Student: …I’m…I’m chotto, wakannai… Loco: Are you ok? You seem troubled. How was work? Tough day, ne. Otsukaresama desu. PS: No, I was not busy. It was quiet day. Loco: That’s good, ne. PS: Demo, saa…this morning on the train… Loco: Ohhh no! Mata? Another chikan? PS: Oh […]

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26 October 2008 ~ 5 Comments

How I learned to bow


I was on the way to work my first week in Japan, when I saw this gorgeous girl giving me the eye. I mean really beautiful. In America she wouldn’t need a stick to beat them off, she’d need Chuck Norris. I was reading a Japanese textbook…ok, I’m lying. I was reading a book on […]

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23 October 2008 ~ 10 Comments

The Dance

Maybe the problem is I’m too sensitive and wayyyy too observant to live stress and anger free in Japan. I mean, I have a tendency to notice almost everything. Great for writing – terrible for living. The one thing that vexes me the most about Japanese people is something I’m sure many foreigners living here […]

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21 October 2008 ~ 7 Comments

The Crush

           I woke up to my chirping cell phone alarm at 6:30 feeling well rested. The crows were cawing, the bluebirds were whistling and Aiko was typing in the next room.              “Ohayou,” I groaned, feeling a slight twinge in my back. I’d played basketball the day before at the gym, and though I don’t look […]

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16 October 2008 ~ Comments Off on King Kong VS Godzilla

King Kong VS Godzilla


Typically, when I put together a lesson for JRHS students, I begin it with a listening exercise, followed by a matching exercise and then finish it up with an opportunity for them to practice the English I’ve just taught them. Of course, the emphasis is primarily on Grammar, but there’s a bit of propaganda incorporated […]

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