Why YOU should be following Loco in Yokohama!

 The readers have spoken.

 I asked readers/followers 3 questions:

1- Who am I? (Not Loco, you the reader/follower)

2- Why do I Follow Loco?

3- Why should others, as well?

Here are the responses thus far:

The first is from Solaja Robinson

1- Who am I? Solaja Robinson

2- Why do I Follow Loco? I follow Loco in Yokohama for a number of reasons including a Black,
American, perspective on Japanese language,culture, people and society
at large. Another sticking point is the sheer entertainment value that
arise out of cultural differences. The observational humor is
consistent while being informative about your narrative subjects. I’d
love to visit Japan and being strapped for cash I can visit
vicariously through your blog.

3- Why should others, as well?I think anyone looking to visit Japan would appreciate your
opinions. Also I think Japanese interested in a foreigners experience
would be enlightened.

The second is from Marisa

1- Who am I? Marisa-All in Good Food (blog), allingoodfood42 (twitter)

2- Why do I Follow Loco? know it may sound strange but there are a couple of reasons the
first being that you are a black man living and teaching in Japan. I
am black also and certified as an ESL teacher and I wanted to see your
POV. I’ve been looking to move to Japan for a while to teacher and
wanted to get an inside view from someone I think I could relate to. I
know my experience would be slightly different because I’m a woman
and very fair skinned (can pass for white and is often assumed by
others to be) but my daughter is more caramel colored. We’ve often
had that mixed experience with other people in different areas. I have
heard many stories on how blacks are treated in Japan and wanted to
see yours. I also was looking at moving to Yokohama and I wanted that
POV also. So that is it in a nutshell. I’m trying to be very honest
with my answers.

3- Why should others, as well? Because what you have to say is very interesting, whether I agree
with everything or not it’s still a different perspective than mine.
I guess you have a lot to offer in many different ways to many
different people and you don’t apologize for the way you offer it. I
appreciate honest writing and I believe many others do/will too.

The next is from Sabotengirl

1- Who am I? I blog at sabotengirl.tumblr.com, formerly at
workaholichostess.vox.com. Former workaholic hostess, current grad
student totally over my head, half Japanese half American 31 year old
who looks like a jaded 21-year old with issues.

2- Why do I Follow Loco? I have struggled with racism and identity issues all of my life. There
is endless stuff on racism and identity you can immerse yourself in in
America (or the U.K., where I also lived). There is almost NOTHING in
Japan. I have very particular issues as a mixed race girl in japan,
both now and growing up. it’s just nice to read about someone
eloquently putting their two cents in about these issues, even if they
don’t exactly mirror mine.

3- Why should others, as well? He writes consistently, but doesn’t overwhelm your googlereader with
excessive meaningless posts. He writes honestly and fearlessly. He’s
just a friend in the blogosphere you won’t regret having.

btw I subscribe to Loco’s twitter and blog, not the facebook though.
Maybe I should!

The next is from Tonya R. Moore  a fabulous writer of Speculative fiction (she kept it short and sweet)

Loco in Yokohama is one of the few interesting blog that I just happened across and immediately became a fan. It’s well written (goes without saying) and chock full of anecdotal encounter that always manage to be either thought provoking or hilarious. Definitely a must follow.


The next is from ELSN

1- Who am I?  A young American woman living and working in Tokyo.

2- Why do I Follow Loco?  Living alone in a foreign country inspires a lot of soul-searching, and Loco conveys this well. I personally struggle with the urge to criticize the things in Japan that drive me crazy, but I’m not sure how, and reading Loco helps me figure out my own issues. It’s also fundamentally honest, kind, and deeply sensitive, with a underlying respect for Japan and Japanese culture. I like that Loco does not treat Japan as an isolated island (ahem) completely separate from everything else on the planet. Loco is a realist, not an escapist, which is hard to sustain for a long period of time here. And the man has a way with words. And I miss Americans.

3- Why should others, as well? If you live in Japan it’s easy to give up criticizing, since your opinions are dismissed, so you in turn dismiss the people and society around you and take an easy way out of the deep questions this place presents. Reading Loco is like taking a multi-vitamin to keep you on your toes – thoughtful and introspective. Most people can’t sustain that type of thinking all the time.


The next is from Gian (he gave 7 reasons)

1) If you like to read… cuz he writes… a lot! Ya know, … so you’ll never be left without something to read.
And he suggests good authors too.
2) he’s modest
3) he’s a badass
4) he’s living in japan! C’mon… uknowwutImsayin’…
5) he seems a good person
6) sometimes, he can make you laugh, even in the darkest winter day, and warm and cheer you up like a hot chocolate (mmm… I hope this doesn’t seem too gay XD)
7) cuz he’s the Barry White of writers
Yep, that’s it!


The next is from Taro3yen

1- Who am I? I’m just a fellow blogger at http://news.3yen.com taking the pulse of alien life in Japan.

2- Why follow? Loco’s thoughts on living/working in Japan provide me with a fun reminder why I should/shouldn’t be in Japan.

3- Why should others? Loco’s posts are good examples of what a Japan “Wannabe” should know before stepping in the steaming pile of Nippon.


The next is from Blackchild, one HELLuvah writer! (he also kept it short and sweet)

Blackchild blogs at Black Child 

Why do I follow Loco? I follow Loco because he inspired me to start my own blog.

The next is from Jess

1.Who am I? I am Jess.

2. Why do I follow Loco? I follow him on Facebook. I think his writing is great. He’s humorous, and he tells it like it is.

3. Why should others as well? If you want an HONEST opinion about Japan, read this man’s blog. He does not sugar coat anything.


The next is from Meg

1. Who am I? Meg.

2. Why do I follow Loco? I read you, Loco in Yokohama, because you have a compelling writing style, write about topics that either I know little about (like living in Japan and all things Japanese) or from a perspective which informs and enlightens me. I also am drawn to your honesty and courage to express very personal, difficult topics. There is such beauty in your writing.

3. Why should others as well? People should read your blog for the reasons I outline above and to support you as a writer and artist. Wouldn’t it be amazing to witness you fully reap the rewards of your efforts, as a published author, screenwriter or other ?? Also, how many opportunities does one have to interact with a writer, a talented one to boot, and to be having conversations with him AND his readership?


The last is from Chris (he too kept it short and, well, not-so sweet, but it’s all good)

I’ll be the ass and say, sorry, just too much volume. Regardless of who it is, I’ll pretty much unfollow anyone eventually if they regularly tweet more than 5-6 times a day. That’s just what works for me.

So, there it is! I thought it best to let readers and followers tell you rather than I, cuz after all is said, written and done, it’s the readers who decide. I haven’t cherry-picked the responses. They are all here.  If you want to add something, feel free to do so. I can do another post or add your feedback to this post.

So, what else can be said? And the readers have said it all.

Loco wants YOU!

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One Response to “Why YOU should be following Loco in Yokohama!”

  1. Chris 27 October 2012 at 10:09 am Permalink

    Who am I?
    I am Chris
    Why do I follow Loco?
    I follow because to me Loco has become not only a person writing about being in Japan and some of the funny and sometimes not funny things about being in Japan. I think he’s become a symbol of what goes on here from a black man’s point of view. I’ve been here for over 20 years and every post, tweet, or message on Facebook I read from Loco my reaction is “Yeah, I know what thats like”.
    Why should others follow Loco?
    If you want a very true, cut to the chase, no BS, on living in Japan/Yokohama no one tells it better.

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